15 March 2022

Dr Roderick Kater named Honorary Fellow of the University

Dr Roderick Kater, a gastroenterologist with a passion for sustainable agriculture and food production, has been named an Honorary Fellow of the University in recognition of his extraordinary contribution over many years.
15 March 2022

Effective biopsy technique to identify cancer spread underused

An innovative diagnostic technique, sentinel lymph node biopsy, is now widely recommended in both melanoma and breast cancer to determine whether cancer cells have spread to the lymph nodes.

15 March 2022

Young Asian-Australian businesses drive strong global links

Next generation Asian-Australian businesses could help drive new global links in the Asia Pacific markets, according to a new research report by the University of Sydney Business School and Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA).
15 March 2022

Masters players committed to the team, ignore heart health: study

Research from the University of Sydney and Royal North Shore Hospital provides insights into cardiac risk among footballers of 'masters' age (35 years and older).