16 March 2022

Staying alive, Arabian oryx style

The DNA of an an antelope that was hunted almost to extinction has been decoded, paving the way for further conservation efforts.
16 March 2022

Why people with disability and their carers fare worse after floods

Floods expose social inequities and exacerbate the housing crisis for people with disability and carers, here are six steps governments could take now to minimise this, writes Ms Jodie Bailie and co-authors.
16 March 2022

Biodigester to convert waste into compost at University of Sydney

A cutting-edge biodigester has been installed at the University of Sydney, for odour-free processing of organic waste into compost for use on campus.
16 March 2022

Pandemic response led to a drop in Australian deaths in 2020

The public health measures taken in response to the pandemic resulted in fewer-than-expected Australian deaths overall in 2020, including death from COVID-19,  but more deaths from diabetes.

16 March 2022

Australia's sustainable transport future gets $7.9 million boost

Neil Smith, an internationally successful transport business owner, envisions a green transport future for Australia and is donating $7.9m to the University to help make that a reality.