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19 August 2022

Apps kept us healthy during the pandemic, but it came at a cost

The same apps that kept us moving during the pandemic sometimes had a negative emotional impact, according to new research led by the University of Sydney.
19 August 2022

Parents with intellectual disability need more support

Research suggests three in five children with intellectually disabled parents are removed from their care. Academics from the University of Sydney explain why more needs to be done to support these parents to ensure the best outcomes for both themselves and their children.
19 August 2022

Tackling gender inequality on a global scale

JaneĀ Sloane (MPACS '02) has spent 20 years working to advance women's and girls' rights around the world. Now, she's supporting the next generation of young men and women to address gender norms to end gender-based violence.

19 August 2022

Climate threat to food supply chains creates 'domino effect'

New modelling by a multidisciplinary team of researchers shows the impact climate change and extreme weather events could have on food supply chains, with adverse effects on income, food and nutrient availability.