Manage your subscription

What you need to know about subscribing to the University of Sydney's News & Opinion alerts.

How frequently can I receive alerts via email?

You can opt to receive email notifications:

  1. Immediately – You will receive an email as soon as a new article is published. On average we publish between one and three articles each weekday. If this is too frequent, you can manage your preferences at any time.
  2. Daily – You will receive one email each day at 6am AEST, containing links to all articles published before 5pm on the previous day.
  3. Weekly – You will receive one email every Monday at 10am AEST, containing links to all articles published in the previous week.
  4. Monthly – You will receive one email on the first Tuesday following the last day of the month.

You will only receive articles from the topic areas you have selected, which can be changed by managing your preferences. You can sign up for a combination of notifications, eg. a daily subscription and a weekly subscription.

What types of articles can I subscribe to?

There are seven subjects you can subscribe to, which are:

  • Arts & culture – News releases and stories about new research and activities that include the visual, literary and performing arts. Also covers languages and other aspects of culture. 
  • Business & economics - Articles about new research and activities in finance, business organisation, management and other macro and micro economic issues. 
  • Campus & communityNews about the University of Sydney’s rankings, degree offerings and university-wide initiatives as well as higher education generally. 
  • Government & politicsNews about research and expert analysis addressing Australian and international governments and politics. 
  • Health & medicineResearch news from our Faculty of Medicine and Health as well as Faculty of Health Sciences. Also covers opinion pieces about health written by our experts. 
  • Law & societyNews from our community covering legal, social and ethical issues based on peer-reviewed studies or expert analysis. 
  • Science & technologyResearch and other news from our science disciplines and faculties. 

Can I subscribe to RSS feeds?

Yes. There are eight RSS Feeds you can subscribe to:

How do I change my preferences or unsubscribe?

You can manage your preferences or unsubscribe by clicking the links at the bottom of the email alert you receive. If you have signed up for more than one frequency (eg. for a daily and a monthly subscription), you'll need to unsubscribe from each of them. 

How does the University manage personal information and privacy?

Personal information collected by the University is handled in accordance with the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 and the Health Records and Information Privacy Protection Act 2002 (“the Acts”). For more information read the full Privacy Policy.