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Meet the team at the China Studies Centre
The Centre provides a platform for interdisciplinary operation across the university supporting research on and about China and Chinese society and cultures.

Professor David S G Goodman

Professor of Chinese Politics
Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences in Australia

David Goodman is Emeritus Professor in the Discipline of Government and International Relations, University of Sydney; Emeritus Professor in the Department of China Studies, Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, in Suzhou, China; and Emeritus Professor in the Australia-China Relations Institute, University of Technology, Sydney. During 2017-21 he was Vice President for Academic Affairs at Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, where he had previously established the Department of China Studies. 2012-2016 he was a PRC Ministry of Education Distinguished Overseas Academic at Nanjing University in the School of Social and Behavioural Sciences. 2004-2009 he was DVC International at University of Technology, Sydney, where he had previously established the International Studies Program.

Professor Yingjie Guo 

Professor of Chinese Studies 
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities

Yingjie Guo is Professor of Chinese Studies. He received his BA and MA from Shanghai International Studies University, China and PhD from the University of Tasmania, Australia. Before joining the University of Sydney in 2014, he had taught at Shanghai International Studies University, the University of Tasmania, the University of New England, and the University of Technology, Sydney. His research focuses on cultural nationalism, cultural identities, and discourses of class in contemporary China. 

Associate Professor Ying Zhang

MBBS, MMedSci, MSust, MEdu, PhD, ISEE Fellow 
Associate Professor
Sydney School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine and Health

 Ying Zhang is a senior epidemiologist, a dedicated researcher and educator on climate change and global health. She has led national and international research projects in the field with over 130 publications. Ying's research aims to build community resilience to changing climate and environment, focusing on the most vulnerable populations in the Asia Pacific Region. Ying has been the Co-Director of the MJA-Lancet Countdown on Health and Climate Change in Australia since 2017, which produces annual reports to track progress on health and climate change in the country until 2030. Ying is the Founder and Co-Chair of the Sustainability, Climate and Health Collaboration, and Deputy Director of theHeat and Health Research Incubatorat the University of Sydney. Ying is keen on promoting research translation and policy advocacy to address health and climate change issues and is Chair of the Capacity Building Committee of the WHO Civil Society Working Group on Climate Change and Health. She has been awarded prestigious fellowships, such as the Australian Prime Minister Endeavor Fellowship and the Homeward Bound Fellowship, which included a three-week trip to Antarctica in 2019. Ying has demonstrated professional excellence and a significant level of experience in environmental epidemiology, which has been recognised by the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) with an ISEE Fellow Award.

Associate Professor Josh Stenberg

PhD (Nanjing)
Associate Professor in Chinese Studies

Josh Stenberg is a senior lecturer in Chinese Studies at the University of Sydney. He has published the monographs Minority Stages: Sino-Indonesian Performance and Public Display (2019) and Liyuanxi: Chinese 'Pear Garden' Theatre (2022), as well as the edited volume Kunqu Masters on Chinese Theatrical Performance (2022).  In addition to his research on Chinese theatre and literature, he has translated or edited several volumes of contemporary Chinese literature.



(Chair) Mr Kevin Hobgood-Brown AM Chair, Foundation for Australian Studies In China

Mr Dan Tebbutt

Austrade Sydney

Mr Robert Kok

Sydney City Council

Ms Glenda Korporaal

Associate Editor (Business)

Dr. Kate Smith

Environmental Engineer

Mr George Su

CEO & Managing Director
Richlink Capital
Ms Shirley Gao

Senior Associate

BBI Group, Sydney, Australia

Ms Helen Zhi Dent


China Business Practice, KPMG

Name Position Portfolio
Professor Alison Betts Edwin Cuthbert Hall Chair of the Archaeology and Mythology of the Ancient Near East Discipline of Archaeology
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Individual projects
Dr Minglu Chen Senior Lecturer
Discipline of Government and International Relations, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Research presentation and events
Professor Hans Hendrischke Professor of Chinese Business and Management
The University of Sydney Business School
Associate Professor  Josh Stenberg Senior Lecturer
Discipline of Chinese Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Doctoral Students 
Professor Anthony Welch Professor of Education,
Sydney School of Education and Social Work, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Collaborative Projects
Professor Jun Huang Professor, SOAR Fellowship
School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
Director of the Laboratory for Catalysis Engineering
Research and Outreach
Professor Budiman Minasny Professor in Soil-Landscape Modelling
School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Research and Collaboration
Associate Professor Ying Zhang Associate Professor
Sydney School of Public Health
Faculty of Medicine and Health
Research and Outreach
Name Affiliation/ Faculty/ School Research expertise keywords  
Dr Irene (Shidong)  An FASS|SLC  Computer Assisted Language Learning, Second language Acquisition, Second/Foreign Language Teaching Intercultural Communication  
Professor Vivienne  Bath Law School | Professor of Chinese  International Business Law; Chinese investment and corporate law; international investment law; China and private international law  
Professor Alison Betts FASS| School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry Northwest China, Prehistory, Bronze Age, Silk Roads  
Dr David Brophy FASS |Department of History Qing history, Xinjiang, Uyghur studies, Sino-Russian relations, Silk Road  
Dr Alexander  Burchmore FASS |Department of Art History Materiality, Identity, Travel, Trade, Ceramics  
Associate Professor  Mark Byron FASS | Director of Research Development (Humanities)    
Dr  Chengqi  Cao FASS | China Studies Centre Compulsory Education, Welfare Policy, Social Welfare, Policymaking and implementation, Social Citizenship   
Dr Beatriz  Carrillo Garcia  FASS |School of Social and Political Sciences    
Dr Minglu Chen FASS |SSPS |Department of Government and International Relations domestic politics, women in politics, local governance, private entrepreneurs  
Dr Shuxia Chen Curator, China Gallery, Chau Chak Wing Museum, University of Sydney    
Professor  Jocelyn  Chey FASS |SLC  international relations; humour; Hong Kong; intellectual history; cultural relations  
Dr Yeow-Tong Chia FASS|Sydney School of Education and Social Work    
Dr Susette Cooke FASS | SLC | Discipline of Chinese Studies    
Dr Anthony Cordingley FASS |Department of English Literary modernism, translation, self-translation  
A/Prof Timothy Dwyer FASS | Department of Media and Communications Chinese media platforms, news media policy and regulation  
Professor David Goodman FASS |School of Social and Political Sciences |China Studies Centre Class, local governance, provincial politics, history of CCP  
Professor Yingjie Guo FASS |SLC|Discipline of Chinese Studies  nationalism in contemporary China, Chinese cultural identities, Chinese cultural memories, discourses of class in the PRC, class and nation in the PRC  
A/Prof Rachael Hains-Wesson Business School  Work-Integrated Learning; teacher scholarship; employability; international education; mixed methods  
Dr Sabrina Yuan Hao FASS |China Studies Centre crime fiction, law and literature, comparative literature, translation and adaptation, post-colonialism and globalization  
A/Professor  Colin Hawes Faculty of Law, University of Technology Sydney |China Studies Centre Chinese law and legal reform, Chinese corporations, corporate culture and ecosystems, Classical Chinese literature and culture  
Dr Barbara Hendrischke FASS |China Studies Centre Chinese intellectual history. Chinese religious history. Early Daoism.   
Professor  Hans Hendrischke Business School     
Professor  Carol  Hsu Business School     
A/Prof Jeanne Huang Law School     
Dr Eva Huang Business School     
Dr Catherine Ingram Sydney Conservatorium    
Dr Minerva Inwald UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Humanities and Languages     
Professor  Alicia  Jenkins Faculty of Medicine and Health diabetes, cardiovascular disease, medical education  
Dr Peter Jia FASS | Discipline of Chinese Studies    
Dr Kaiying Ji Business School  financial reporting, forecasting, work-integrated learning  
Dr  Lauren  Johnston China Studies Centre | School of Economics and Policy, University of Adelaide Economy, Population Ageing, China-Global South, China/Africa, Belt and Road Initiative  
Dr Natalie Kohle FASS    
Dr Chi Kin Law Faculty of Medicine and Health|NHMRC Clinical Trials Centre    
Dr Mabel Lee FASS | Discipline of Chinese Studies history, literature, art, performance  
Dr Yi Li Business School  Chinese Multinational Enterprise, Institutional Perspective, Digitalization, Strategic Configuration, Top Management Team  
Dr Wei Li Business School     
Professor  Bingqin Li UNSW |Director of Chinese Social Policy Stream |China Studies Centre    
Professor  Bing Ling Law School  Chinese law, international law, comparative law  
Dr Lu Liu Sydney Conservatorium Global inequalities in Higher Education and the Arts, Australian-Chinese Music Studies, Cultural Diversity in Music Studies  
Dr Yvonne Low FASS | Department of Art History    
Dr Sophie Loy-Wilson FASS | Department of History    
Professor Yixu Lu FASS |SLC    
Professor Bonnie McDougall FASS | The Department of Chinese Studies    
Dr Sean Moores FASS |SLC     
Professor Meaghan Morris FASS | Gender and Cultural Studies Hong Kong action cinema, Inter-Asia cultural studies  
Associate Professor  Natalie Munro Faculty of Medicine and Health|Sydney School of Health Sciences    
Dr Xi Nan Business School    
Professor  Susan Park FASS |SSPS |GIA     
Dr Mark Post FASS |Discipline of Linguistics Sino-Tibetan languages, minority languages of China, China-India border regions  
Professor Elspeth Probyn FASS |Gender and Cultural Studies oceans; aqua/geopolitics; fishing; food; climatechange  
Dr Wuna Reilly FASS | China Studies Centre    
A/Professor Jamie Reilly FASS |School of Social and Political Sciences |Department of Government and International Relations China's foreign policy; Chinese politics; international relations; development  
Dr Andres  Rodriguez FASS |Department of History     
Dr Yu Shan FASS|SLC     
Dr Joshua Stenberg FASS |SLC |Discipline of Chinese Studies  theatre, literature, Southeast Asia, translation, Taiwan  
Dr Simon Tan Business School    
Dr Beibei Tang Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University, China    
Professor Frederick Teiwes FASS |School of Social and Political Sciences |Department of Government and International Relations CCP elite politics, Dynamics of change in the Mao eraHua Guofeng, Deng Xiaoping, and the dismantling of Maoism  
Dr Matthew Thomas FASS|Sydney School of Education and Social Work    
Professor  Luigi Tomba FASS |China Studies Centre    
Professor Ming-Chang Tsai Center for Asia-Pacific Area Studies
Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
A/Prof Linda Tsung FASS |Department of Chinese Studies     
Dr Qiang Tu Faculty of Medicine and Health    
A/Prof Wei Wang FASS |Department of Chinese Studies  language and society, translation studies, language education, ethnic  studies  
Professor Anthony Welch FASS | Sydney School of Education and Social Work  Higher Education. Universities. Internationalisation. World Class. Science and Technology.   
Associate Professor  Anita Wong Faculty of Medicine & Health language development and disorders in Chinese children, language therapy for Chinese children;  parent education on supporting the development of Chinese as the home language  
Dr Vycke Wu Business School  Behavioural Finance, Corporate Finance, Market Microstructure  
Dr Jinqi  Xu the Office of Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education)    
Dr Ye Xue University of Alberta    
Dr Gracy Yang Business School  Corruption, firm bribery, global strategy, emerging market firms, temporal orientation  
Dr Hongzhi  Yang FASS| Sydney School of Education and Social Work     
Dr Zhimin  Yang Zhengzhou University of Aeronautics    
Dr Tao Yu The University of Western Australia (UWA)    
A/Professor Jingdong Yuan FASS |School of Social and Political Sciences |Department of Government and International Relations Chinese security policy; Indo-Pacific security; nuclear arms control; US Asia policy; China-India relations  
A/Prof Ying Zhang Faculty of Medicine and Health climate change, global health, sustainability, epidemiology,   
Dr Eagle  Zhang Business School  Financial Reporting in China; Government accounting in China; Chinese accounting history.  
Dr Huan Zhang Business School     
Dr Lansheng Zhang FASS |China Studies Centre art, design,  history, museology, visual culture   
Dr Ling Zhang Sydney Nursing School, Faculty of Medicine and Health and CPC cardiovascular disease, prevention, health literacy, digital health, cultural and linguistic diverse   
A/Prof Xiaohuan Zhao FASS |Department of Chinese Studies  art and archaeology; ritual and religion; Chinese literature; Chinese theatre history; Chinese folk and temple theatre   
Associate Professor  Yi Zheng University of New South Wales |China Studies Centre modern Chinese literature, contemporary Chinese culture and society, historical aestheticism,  
Dr Jingjing You Faculty of Medicine and Health Cell biology, molecular biology, biomanufacturing, and engineering  
Dr Allan Fu Faculty of Health Science     
Professor Angelika Messner  CSC Hon Prof - Professor of Chinese Studies & Director of the Chinazentrum, Kiel University History and Anthropology of Science and Medicine, Emotions & Care  
Associate Professor Boris Choy Business School/Discipline of Business Analytics     
Professor Budiman Minasny Faculty of Science    
Associate Professor David Kim FASS | School of Economics     
Professor Duanfang Liu Usyd|School of Architecture, Design and Planning (ADP)    
Dr Jimmy Xun Gong CSC Hon Res Fellow - Gateway Business    
Professor Jing Hang CSC Hon Prof - Professor, Translation and Interpreting, School of Humanities & Communication Arts
Western Sydney University
Dr Joel Wing-lun CSC Hon Res Fellow - UNSW Arts, Design and Architecture, School of Humanities and Languages     
Dr Junyi Cai FASS | Gender and Cultural Studies    
Dr Lifeng Kang School of Pharmacy     
Associate Professor Lynne Chester  FASS School of Social and Political Sciences/Discipline of Political Economy  Energy, environment, heterodox economics, different forms of capitalism.  
Associate Professor Melody Ding  Faculty of Medicine and Health            
Dr Mengyu Li  School of Physics    
Dr Micheal Murphee  USYD Business School     
Dr Pao-chen Tang  USYD | FIlm Studies  Chinese cinemas (of all regions and times); contemporary Chinese art; environmental humanities; animal studies  
Professor Peng Zhang  Science / Life and Environmental Sciences / Plant Breeding Institute     
Professor Shuyu Kong CSC Hon Prof - Professor of Chinese Studies, Department of Humanities
Co-director, David Lam Centre for International Communication
Simon Fraser University
Chinese Literary and Cultural Studies, literature and art in socialist China, Chinese artists in Europe in the early 20th century, and Sinophone literature and cinema.  
Associate Professor Simon Poon  School of Computer Science     
Associate Professor Sonia Liu Faculty of Science | School of Life and Environmental Sciences    
Dr Tong Li  Faculty of Medicine and Health     
Professor Wanning Sun CSC Hon Prof - Professor of Media and Communication, School of Communication, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Technology Sydney (UTS).    

Local Governance in the PRC
Research Lead: Minglu Chen, Discipline of Government and International Relations 

Chinese Philosophy and Culture
Research lead: Yingjie Guo, Discipline of Chinese Studies, School of Languages and Cultures

Digital Economy
Research Lead : Hans Hendrischke, Business School, International Business Discipline

Research Lead: Wei Li, The University of Sydney Business School

Environmental Sustainability 

Research Lead: Susan Park, Dicipline of Government and International Relations


Research Lead: Ling Zhang, Susan Wakil School of Nursing and Midwifery, Faculty of Medicine and Health

Australia-China Relations

Research Lead: Rachael Hains-Wesson, The University of Sydney Business School

Social Change 

Research Lead: Allison Betts, Dicipline of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences 

Dr Minglu Chen

Discipline of Government and International Relations 

Centre China Studies

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