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We host five different kinds of events throughout the year:

  • International Research Webinars: Scholars of China from around the world make online presentations. 
  • Bookworm Series: Members of the China Studies Centre present on their recent publications 
  • Talks in Chinese Humanities 
  • Sydney China Seminars: China Studies academics talk about work in progress
  •  Roundtables, to discuss topical matters of China-focussed interest.

Register for any upcoming events, read our latest news and find out about our people in the media. 

Upcoming events

Polarity and US-China Relations

Time: 4:00PM - 5:10PM AEST
Date: Thursday, 23 May 2024
Location: Online

The Role of Public Rental Housing Beyond Hukou Welfare: Fostering Family Lives of Rural Migrants in Chongqing, China

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM AEST
Date: Tuesday, 28 May 2024
Location: Law School Annex seminar room 444, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney

Dual developmental trajectory: the top-down and bottom-up progress of language change in Korean community of China since 1948

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM AEST
Date: Thursday, 30 May 2024
Location: Online 

Racism in China's sports fandom

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM AEST
Date: Monday, 17 June 2024
Location: Lecture Theatre 026, Sydney Law School, Eastern Avenue, the University of Sydney 

Sydney Chinese Studies Postgraduate Seminar 

Time: 9:30AM - 1:30PM AEST
Date: Friday, 21 June 2024
Location: Room 708, Jane Foss Russell Building, 156 City Road, the University of Sydney

Revolutionary Becomings: Documentary Media in Twentieth-Century China

Time: 12:00PM - 1:00PM AEST
Date: Thursday, 27 June 2024
Location: Online 

China Studies Community in Australia appeals to ARC

Letter to ARC on Review of NCGP

On behalf of 60 China Studies scholars from 22 universities in Australia; the National President and Chair, Australia China Business Council; as well as the past and current Chair, Foundation for Australian Studies in China.

Click here to download the open letter. 

Our latest news

Minglu Chen
On 27 April, Dr Minglu Chen was interviewed by ABC News in an article China's young feeling the squeeze of cost of living are finding homes in older cities

Lansheng Zhang

On 23 April, Dr Lansheng Zhang was featured in an article titled “Lansheng Zhang, An In Situ Art History Writer” 《张兰生,在场的艺术史书写者》on an interview by the Executive Editor Dr. Qiu Min, the Shanghai and New York based art journal  ART SUODENG (《艺术所登》2024年第1期-2)

Jingdong Yuan
On 29 April, Associate Professor Jingdong Yuan was interviewed by Newsweek in article Japan's Leader Fumio Kishida on Countering Threat of China and North Korea

Yu Tao
On 13 April, A/Prof Yu Tao published an op-ed on China's house churches in the East Asia Forum. 

Andres Rodriguez
On 6 April, Dr Andres Rodriguez did a podcast on his new book Frontier Fieldwork with NEW BOOKS NETWORK 

Anthony Welch
On 19 April, Professor Anthony Welch published an op-ed titled No easy answers for Australian universities’ financial dilemmas in the East Asia Forum 

Coo-ee to Chinese Australians


The China Studies Centre, in collaboration with the local Chinese community and the Gadigal Centre, is supporting the Chinese Australian Youth Association in their project to uncover and celebrate the historical connections between the Chinese Australian community and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples.

Chinese immigrants in Australia have a long history of interactions with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples dating back to the mid-1800s, especially during the Gold Rush era. Chinese migration started in the 1850s, and Chinese communities spread across Australia. These interactions are seen in various aspects of life, including art, culture, stories, food, and innovation.

However, many Chinese Australians are unaware of this shared history. The University of Sydney China Studies Centre (CSC) aims to work with Australian and Chinese youth communities to raise awareness of these historical connections.

This report will showcase the experiences of young Australians from Chinese, Indigenous, and other backgrounds as they discover Aboriginal Australia. They will share their experiences through various mediums such as writing, podcasts, videos, TikTok clips, performances, storytelling, music, and cooking.

Contributions are welcome, including:

  • Stories, family accounts, and oral histories highlighting Chinese-Aboriginal connections.
  • Narratives from the Gold Rush era and the lives of Chinese settlers in Outback Australia.
  • Collaborations between Aboriginal and Chinese artists, like Zhou Xiaoping and Guan Wei.
  • Art, music, and performances celebrating shared cultural heritage.
  • Personal reflections on learning about Indigenous culture.
  • Experiences of living and studying in Australia.
  • Insights gained from interactions with Indigenous fellow students.
  • Engagements with outback communities and their Indigenous culture.
  • Thoughts on participating in The Voice to Parliament campaign for Indigenous rights.

Join us in exploring and celebrating the shared history and culture between the Chinese Australian and Indigenous communities in Australia.