MRI perfusion scan of human brain


Through our partnership with iMED Radiology, Sydney Imaging facilitates access to an open-access 3T Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Potential applications include neurological and diffusion imaging, cardiac imaging, vascular imaging and musculoskeletal imaging.

A GE Discovery MR750 whole body imaging system is available at the Brain and Mind Centre, through iMED complete with functional accessories for patient stimulation (visual and audio) and response. We also operate a Mock Scanner to help familiarise patients with functional MRI experiments and the scanner environment, particularly children and those with claustrophobia.

Important features

- High resolution structural MRI

- Diffusion weighted imaging

- Functional MRI

- MR spectroscopy

- Multi-band imaging

Field strength 3.0 T
Bore size 60 cm
Gradient strength 50 mT/m
Head coil 8/32 channels