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Modelling the hardening behaviour of Magnesium alloys using 3D disloation dynamic simulations


This project aims to develop a 3D dislocation dynamics model to understand the hardening mechanisms at play during the deformation alloys containing precipitates


Dr Gwenaelle Proust.

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Civil Engineering

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The project aims to develop a 3D dislocation dynamic model to predict the hardening behaviour of magnesium-aluminium alloys. Plastic deformation of hexagonal close-packed (hcp) metals occurs by the activation of different slip and twinning systems depending on temperature, strain rate and loading direction. In this particular case, the project aims to see the effect of varying the amount of aluminium on the mechanical behaviour of the material and to study the interaction of precipitates and clusters on the different slip and twinning systems. The model developed by the PhD student will enhancement of the processing technology of these materials and  broaden the range of their usages.

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