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Effect of twinning on the hardening behaviour of magnesium alloys


The project aims to elucidate the competitive softening and hardening aspects of twinning during mechanical deformation of magnesium alloys.


Dr Gwenaelle Proust.

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Civil Engineering

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Plastic deformation of magnesium and its alloys occurs by the activation of various slip and twinning systems depending on composition, temperature, strain rate and loading direction. Slip and twinning both participate to the work hardening of the material but by different mechanisms. Using several material characterisation techniques such as TEM, SEM and EBSD, the PhD student will answer several questions regarding the effects of twinning on the hardening behaviour of hexagonal close-packed metals. He/she will also look at the interactions between dislocations of different modes and between dislocations and twin boundaries using TEM in-situ techniques.

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