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Modelling the mechanical behaviour of hexagonal materials during complex loadings


The project aims to develop a comprehensive crystal plasticity model to predict stress-strain curves and texture evolution of hexagonal close-packed metals during complex loadings.


Dr Gwenaelle Proust.

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Civil Engineering

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Plastic deformation of hexagonal close-packed (hcp) metals occurs by the activation of different slip and twinning systems depending on temperature, strain rate and loading direction. The mechanical behaviour of these materials becomes even more complex once the loading direction and/or the temperature at which deformation is conducted are changed. Different crystal plasticity models have been developed to reproduce the hardening and texture evolutions of such materials. Although, these models capture relatively well the behaviour of hcp metals during simple loadings, they fail to reproduce complex loading behaviours. The PhD student will develop constitutive laws that take into account phenomena due to pre-straining such as the interactions between deformation mechanisms. This model will enable the enhancement of the processing technology of these materials and the discovery of new applications for them.

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