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Future Generation and Grid Planning


In the past, planners placed generation according to fuel and water availability, proximity to urban populations and then expanded the grid to allow efficient power delivery and later participation in markets. This has become too expensive as renewable plants are installed in locations often remote from the existing grid or near inappropriate types of grid. There is a need to consider planning as a coordinated problem of generation placement and grid expansion taking into account the market outcomes and that security and resilience against future events and changes is required.


Professor David John Hill, Professor Gregor Verbic.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Projects could inlcude:

  • Co-optimisation of generation and grids
  • Market-based planning methods
  • Constraints in market dispatch
  • Stability limits for planning and markets
  • Monte Carlo analysis of scenarios
  • Modelling demand-side for planning
  • Market-dynamic interactions

Additional information

The proposed research follows many contributions on system planning by the supervisors including the first market-based planning optimization framework as recent work using stochastic optimization.

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