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Modelling and Stability of Power Networks with Renewable Generation


Most investigations on the impact of renewables on grid stability consider one stability type and one basic network.  Our aim is to develop principles that can be used to help design future grids that are resilient in the sense of all stability requirements to changing generation type and placement.  This raises several challenges that require a substantial rethinking of power system stability analysis.  We will be guided by ideas in complex network studies where sensitivity to key network features including structure, device dynamics and coupling strengths are all studied side-by-side.  One initial hurdle is how to replace the well-known load models to include demand-response and storage features.


Professor David John Hill, Professor Gregor Verbic.

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Initially, we have four project areas to consider:

  • Demand-side modelling
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Vulnerable points
  • Stability margins

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The supervisors have extensive experience in research on all types of power system stability from basic theory for direct methods to practical applications in several countries.  Our intention is to redevelop key methods to be applicable for high renewable penetration.

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