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Circulating microRNAs as potential blood biomarker for diabetes in domestic cats

Feline diabetes mellitus is a significant health problem for cats across the globe and treatment of affected cats is a major commitment for owners. Our project will explore links be more...

Supervisor(s): Waud, Bianca (Dr)

Discovering biomarkers for mental disorders with neuroimaging

The opportunity studies brain structural and functional architecture in healthy and disordered brain with neuroimaging, and uses the novel knowledge gained to improve the diagnosis more...

Supervisor(s): Lv, Jinglei (Dr)

Clinical outcomes analysis of patients who undergo resection for malignant Hepato-Biliary tumours

Available projectsClinical and molecular markers of early tumour recurrence in patients with malignant hepato-biliary tumours,Clinical and molecular markers of metastatic potential more...

Supervisor(s): Hugh, Thomas J (Professor)