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Develop single-cell mechanobiological methods for discovering molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular and neuronal mechanical force sensing

We are developing cutting-edge technologies for the following biomedical application: 1) define the mechanosensing functions of key protein players in the cardiovascular system such more...

Supervisor(s): Ju, Lining (Arnold) (Dr)

Plasma surface modification for applications in microfluidic diagnostic systems and implantable cardiovascular devices

You will develop novel hemocompatible, bioactive surfaces in microfluidic models for cardiovascular applications. The project is part of an existing collaboration between medic more...

Supervisor(s): Bilek, Marcela (Professor)

Studies in the biophysics of dentine and dental caries

Although dental caries remains the world's most common infectious disease, current concepts of caries pathogenesis are based on microscopic methods now many decades old. Treatment w more...

Supervisor(s): Zoellner, Hans (Professor)