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Computer Supported Learning and Cognition

The CoCo Research Centre was created at the University of Sydney in 2003. Our primary goal is research. We study innovative uses of advanced learning technologies, in order to gain more...

Supervisor(s): Reimann, Peter (Professor), Goodyear, Peter (Professor), Markauskaite, Lina (Professor), Jacobson, Michael (Professor)

Towards a social networks model for understanding teaching and learning in the CPC

In this project, we are interested in understanding the role of social networks (both formal and informal) in learning. Theories in social learning suggest that students learn more more...

Supervisor(s): Chung, Kenneth (Dr)

Music Education

Research in music education at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music encompasses a wide range of perspectives on the teaching and learning of music in culturally diverse settings from more...

Supervisor(s): Marsh, Kathryn (Associate Professor), Webb, Michael (Dr), McEwan, Neil (Associate Professor)