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Factors affecting oral health in cerebral palsy patients: dental caries experience, microbiome and oral health related quality of life (OHRQoL)

Cerebral palsy (CP) is a set of nonprogressive neuromuscular disorders caused by defects in the developing fetal brain. Children with Cerebral Palsy are often have physical, coordin more...

Supervisor(s): Akhter, Rahena (Dr)

Wiser HealthCare for musculoskeletal conditions

I am looking for a PhD student to work on musculoskeletal projects within the Wiser HealthCare research collaboration more...

Supervisor(s): Maher, Chris (Professor)

Harnessing the power of electronic medical records with data analytics in back pain

This program of research will evaluate the use of digital technology and data analytics to drive practice change and improve healthcare for back pain. more...

Supervisor(s): Machado, Gustavo (Dr), Maher, Chris (Professor)