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Understanding the utility and yield of Next generation sequencing gene panels for the diagnosis of genetic movement disorders in children

Movement disorders are common in children, and include tics, dystonia, chorea, myoclonus and tremor. Other than tics, these disorders often have a genetic basis, which is ‘mon more...

Supervisor(s): Mohammad, Shekeeb (Dr)

Reconstruct trans-regulatory networks using multi-omics profiling and data integration

A major initiative in our group is to integrate trans-omics datasets generated by a state‐of‐the‐art mass spectrometer (MS) and next-generation sequencer (NGS) from various ce more...

Supervisor(s): Yang, Pengyi (Dr)

Mapping the biogeography of harmful blue-green algae across Australia

There is evidence that the distribution and abundance of harmful blue green algae is changing in Australia. However, the evidence of this is generally limited to a number of reports more...

Supervisor(s): Van Ogtrop, Floris (Dr)