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Evolution of viviparity in lizards

We offer a range of opportunities to build on our research program examining the evolution of reproductive complexity in reptiles. Please see our website for examples of the work we more...

Supervisor(s): Whittington, Camilla (Dr), Murphy, Christopher R (Professor)

Evolution of vertebrate pregnancy

Our lab, within the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, focuses on understanding the evolution of viviparity, placentae, and reproductive complexity, using a variety of model more...

Supervisor(s): Whittington, Camilla (Dr), Thompson, Michael B. (Emeritus Professor)

Koala Health Hub, Koala Infectious Diseases Research Group

We are seeking expressions of interest in our PhD program or development of postdoctoral opportunities. Koala numbers have been in severe decline for many years and in most states t more...

Supervisor(s): Higgins, Damien (Associate Professor), Phalen, David Norton (Associate Professor)