Health and wellbeing

We're focused on making the world a happier, healthier place
Our multi-disciplinary research brings together knowledge from areas as diverse as the arts, philosophy and engineering alongside clinicians to make positive changes to health and wellbeing.

Bona fide bone substitute could revolutionise surgery

How 3D-printed ceramic bone implant could transform lives globally

The invention of a new synthetic bone has the potential to transform the 2.2 million bone graft surgeries performed annually worldwide.

Tumour tracking reshapes the future of cancer treatment

Tumour tracking system sets exciting new direction for radiotherapy

New systems are making imaging and radiotherapy more precise and safer for patients and could be used by cancer centres worldwide.

Landmark study turns the tide on a hidden disorder

Researcher transforms the prevention and diagnosis of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder

Research in one of Australia’s most remote regions has led a national approach to diagnosis and prevention for fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.

Research brings workplace equality within reach

Cracking the glass ceiling that has historically obstructed gender equality in the workplace

Landmark research is giving policymakers the evidence they need to transform women’s workforce rights.

Sleep: the new frontier in dementia prevention

Research uncovers the value of sleep to optimise healthy brain ageing

More than 50 million people globally live with dementia. With no treatment or cure, sleep might provide some answers.

Personalised youth mental health care through tech

Groundbreaking technology is changing youth mental healthcare

A groundbreaking mental health care platform may dramatically reduce waiting times for young people who need urgent support.

Partnering with Qantas to rise above the competition

How our multidisciplinary research teams are taking flying to the next level

Our partnership with airline Qantas looks beyond disciplinary boundaries, helping to solve challenges from fuel efficiency to jet lag.

Healthy ageing secret may be low protein and high carb diet

Diet low in protein and high in healthy carbs maybe best for ageing

Have we got the diet formula for a long, healthy life wrong? Research shows that eating fewer calories might not be the answer.

World-first findings on diet changes and lifestyle diseases

How the glycemic index has changed the meaning of healthy food

Our researchers are leading the world in using the Glycemic Index (GI) as a game changer in weight control, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.