Society and culture

Understanding the relationships between people, societies, cultures and environments

Our research extends beyond the laboratory, bringing insight to how we live and the connections and complexities of our lives.


Research brings workplace equality within reach

Cracking the glass ceiling that has historically obstructed gender equality in the workplace

Landmark research is giving policymakers the evidence they need to transform women’s workforce rights.

Ideas and tactics for making it through the post-truth maze

As facts lose their power to convince, vital institutions are under threat

For a healthy society, broad agreement is needed on what constitutes a fact. The post-truth era has splintered this agreement.

Securing justice for victims of child sexual abuse

Informing policy change and law reform, promoting education and breaking down walls of injustice

By challenging misconceptions and overcoming barriers to prosecution, victims are now more likely to be heard and accorded justice.

Smarter transport solution could transform commute

How digital disruption is driving more efficient, cost-effective travel

Research into door-to-door solutions will reduce car use and our environmental footprint, and make getting to work cheaper and simpler.

New research is shaping the future of indoor spaces

World first state-of-the-art monitoring station to improve indoor climate

We are using creative and revolutionary technologies to balance sustainability with the promotion of public health, comfort and wellbeing.

Drama program reimagines the way we teach English

How creative art is taking centre stage in English and literacy curriculum

Our partnership with the Sydney Theatre Company has pioneered an approach to drama teaching, changing English and literacy education.

Winners and losers as asset ownership reshapes economy

Researchers see the need for an economic rethink as new social classes emerge

Once a good job was the basis of personal prosperity. Now, even well-paid people can’t afford a house in the asset economy.

Personalised youth mental health care through tech

Groundbreaking technology is changing youth mental healthcare

A groundbreaking mental health care platform may dramatically reduce waiting times for young people who need urgent support.

A new approach is making waves in education

How thinking about knowledge in a different way is changing teaching and learning

Our researchers are leading a change in teaching and learning around the world, across generations and subjects, by focusing on knowledge.