Patient care coordinator speaking with a patient

Extra support services

Access added support while adapting to vision loss
Patient Care Coordination Services help to join the dots for families and individuals in the community who are adjusting to life with vision loss.

Living with eye disease and vision loss can be difficult and people often have many questions and concerns which arise between appointments with specialists. Not knowing whether to ask for help or where to go with questions can create additional stress as people find how vision loss impacts their day-to-day life.

The Save Sight Institute understands the many ways in which life can be disrupted by eye disease. Pilot funding from the Walter and Eliza Hall Trust enabled us to start an innovative new Patient Care Coordination Service. The service continues to provide support for people in the community who need extra help adjusting to life with vision loss. 

Available to anyone in NSW or the ACT with a diagnosed eye condition, this service will aid in linking people to relevant support services in a timely manner, including:

  • orientation and mobility
  • adaptive technology
  • school assessments
  • counselling
  • occupational therapy
  • any other services relevant to living with eye disease and vision loss.

After gathering information to develop a thorough understanding of a patients individual needs, the Care Coordinator will put together a tailored support plan to connect them with the services that will help, consulting a wide network of different service providers throughout NSW and the ACT.

If you're a patient or carer seeking extra support services to help adjust to life with eye disease and vision loss, or if you wish to refer a patient, please call our Patient Care Coordinator on (02) 9382 7300.

Patient Care Coordinator

  • 8 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000
South Block, Sydney Eye Hospital