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Learn how to prepare for and make an appointment at the Save Sight Institute.

Make a private appointment

To make an appointment with the Save Sight Insitute you need a letter of referral from either your optometrist, ophthalmologist or your GP.

Referrals from your GP remain valid for 12 months, though all other referral types are only valid for three months.

Once you have a referral please contact the institute by phone or email to make an appointment.

After a specialist doctor reviews your referral, you will be contacted to discuss your pending appointment, what testing is required and any costs that are involved.

Following this, you will receive a letter confirming your appointment.

Refer a patient

Health professionals are invited to refer patients to Save Sight Institute for tertiary consultation and investigative assessment.

Please contact the institute as needed.

In most cases, a senior ophthalmologist is required to review a patient's referral, personal details and vision questionnaire before deciding upon the most appropriate tests to be conducted on the day of your appointment. 

New patients are invited to complete the following two documents to help streamline this process:

You can send the completed forms to our reception team in advance, along with your referral, either by fax or email.

Please also bring the completed forms and your original referral with you on the day of your appointment.

While Save Sight Institute is located within Sydney Eye Hospital and there is a close working relationship between the two centres, SSI is a research centre of the University of Sydney with its own independent ophthalmic clinic.

Given this, all patients are referred to the clinic privately and therefore fees (including out of pocket fees) for services rendered do apply and bulk-billing isn't offered. However, as SSI is a not-for-profit enterprise, all revenue directly supports clinical and research activity.