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Our research

We lead research into eye diseases and conditions
Our renowned team of laboratory and clinical researchers are at the forefront of ophthalmic breakthroughs. Our findings have already saved the sight of many people living with eye disease.

Our research covers all major parts of the eye and is integrated across laboratory research, clinical trials, implementation and ongoing patient monitoring. Find out more about our research in the areas below:

Our work takes place across two world-class laboratories on-site at the Save Sight Institute. We also conduct research across Sydney through clinical trials and in collaboration with other research organisations and partners.

Available student research projects

Please submit an expression of interest for more information on the projects listed below. 

  • Bioengineering cornea to be used for corneal transplantation
  • Development of collagen based delivery system for drug and cell delivery
  • Development of a novel tear based detection platform for disease diagnosis
  • Developing an AI based model to guide surgery
  • Development of a wearable eye-rubbing detector
  • Prevalence of keratoconus in cataract patients
  • Growth factor-induced lens cell proliferation and differentiation regulating ocular lens development and growth.
  • Identifying the mechanisms regulating aberrant lens cell behaviour that lead to cataract and blindness.
  • Developing novel treatments for uveal melanoma
  • Novel imaging studies for early diagnosis of ocular squamous surface lesions
  • Melanocortins and choroidal inflammation
  • Melanocyte-vascular interactions in the human choroid
  • Optogenetics for vision restoration
  • Predicting function from structure in medical & surgical retinal diseases
  • Development of a culture system to transplant corneal endothelial cells
  • Outcomes of amniotic membrane transplant in the NSW Tissue Bank
  • Evaluation of quality of life impact of dry eye disease
  • Evaluation of quality of life impact of corneal disorders
  • Targeting human Muller cells to prevent retinal fibrosis


Save Sight Institute - Socioeconomic impact of low vision and blindness from paediatric eye disease in Australia (pdf, 1.4MB).

Children’s eye health is an important and challenging issue across the world. If left untreated, childhood vision impairment generally continues into adulthood and working life, causing substantial impacts through a child’s life. This report reviews the socioeconomic impact of low vision and blindness from paediatric eye disease in Austrlia.

Prepared by Associate Professor John Grigg and Associate Professor Robyn Jamieson from the Save Sight Institute at the University of Sydney, in collaboration with Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd and the project steering committee.

Save Sight Institute

  • South Block, Sydney Eye Hospital 8 Macquarie Street Sydney NSW 2000