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Further your career in ophthalmology and vision science
We offer a range of courses to advance your clinical or research career in ocular health. With our focus on world-class teaching, our internationally renowned academics are educating future leaders in ophthalmology.

Study options

We offer a range of programs to suit recent medical graduates, practising ophthalmologists, students in developing countries and those interested in vision science.

Short courses

The Specialty of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health offers a number of short courses for postgraduate students throughout the year, designed to advance your career and clinical skills in ophthalmology.

Courses vary from short seminars to non-degree units of study that run over a 13-week semester, and it is possible to undertake almost any ophthalmology unit as non-award study.

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Postgraduate coursework

Ophthalmic science

The Ophthalmic Science program is the only course of its kind in Australasia. It is a collaborative program between the University of Sydney and the University of Otago, New Zealand. 

The courses are delivered online and have been designed to allow students to study at their own pace while maintaining positions within hospital departments, training programmes, private practices, clinics and research facilities.

The practical component of the course is run intensively over three weeks and is offered twice a year. We offer programs for both medical and non-medical graduates seeking a career in ophthalmology or vision science. 

Oculoplastic surgery 

Within our ophthalmic science courses, students have the option to complete a subspecialty unit in oculoplastic surgery. This unit aims to enhance clinical and theoretical knowledge in oculoplastic surgery to complement a candidate’s clinical or fellowship experience.

Cataract and refractive surgery

These courses have been designed so that students can undertake the full program remotely and are structured to suit recent ophthalmic graduates and practicing ophthalmologists.

International ophthalmology

The international ophthalmology program focuses on specific training needs of clinicians in the developing countries of the Asia-Pacific region, though is not limited to these countries.

The course is delivered through distance learning combined with local and visiting mentors who will provide clinical teaching and supervision on the student's working evironment. 

Postgraduate research (MPhil and PhD)

Research students at the Save Sight Institute undertake supervised research, the major component of which is a research project leading to the production of a thesis. We offer supervision for the Master of Philosophy (Medicine and Health) and the Doctor of Philosophy (Medicine and Health) research programs. 

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Doctor of Medicine students

Students in stages one, two and three of the Sydney Medical Program will receive a series of lectures and skills sessions in ophthalmology. Stage two and three students will also undertake a clinical attachment, which is arranged through your clinical school.

All students must also complete an ophthalmology student logbook.

Current students can access the ophthalmic basic science lectures and the logbook with your unikey via Canvas.

We've also developed a virtual ophthalmology program, which allows medical students to gain skills in history taking by making use of ‘virtual’ clinical patients (based on real patient interviews).

The program mimics real interactions with patients, meaning you will control the order in which you ask questions, and gather information to make a diagnosis prior to an examination. 

The diagnosis will be emailed to your supervisors before you are allowed to continue the examination and progress to higher levels of investigation. This will allow you to develop skills in interviewing and forming a diagnosis before practicing on real patients.


An ophthalmology elective at the Sydney Eye Hospital is available for medical students from Sydney Medical School as well as from other Australian and international universities.

Further information on Central Clinical School electives can be found here

Ophthalmic Registrars

The Sydney Eye Hospital and the Save Sight Institute hold an annual Registrars Conference and Teaching Course in January each year.

There are also regular ‘Eye School’ lectures and teaching days/seminars for ophthalmic registrars, and the NSW Eye Emergency Manual.

Scholarships and prizes

There are a number of scholarships and prizes available to students completing study in ophthamology, including: 

We are pleased to acknowledge our students of disctintion. View a list of our prize winners

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