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Short courses in ophthalmology

Advance your clinical skills in ophthalmology
Facilitated by the Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health our short courses in ophthalmology are designed to help you advance your career and clinical skills in ophthalmology.

The Discipline of Clinical Ophthalmology and Eye Health offers a number of short courses and professional development opportunities throughout the year. 

Courses vary from short seminars to non-degree units of study that run over a 13-week semester (see Study Dates), and it is possible to undertake almost any ophthalmology unit of study as a non-award study.  Browse our full range of units of study available, or learn more about non-degree study.

Ocular Pathology

Part 1: 7 June - 20 August

Part 2: 12 July - 20 August

  • Dr Alexandra Allende, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
  • Dr Geoffrey Hall, Douglass Hanly Moir Pathology
  • Professor Sarah Coupland, George Holt Chair in Pathology
  • Dr Con Petsoglou, University of Sydney


Part 1 only - $250 plus GST
Part 1 and Part 2 - $800 plus GST 
Microsurgical Skills 
Dates: Unfortunately due to COVID-19, this course will not be going ahead. Please join our short course mailing list for updates on new course dates for 2022.
  • Mr Nigel Cox, Consultant Ophthalmologist, UK                     
  • Dr Con Petsoglou, University of Sydney
  • Dr Graham Wilson, University of Otago
Cost: $2,500 plus GST