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Professional development and short courses in health

Enhance your career or upskill with flexibility
Whether you're looking to progress in your career, change directions or build competence and confidence in a specialty area, we offer a range of professional development courses for health professionals.

Your professional development options in medicine and health

A single-unit study option for working practitioners who want to increase their knowledge and expertise in a particular area. Enrolling as a non-award student may allow you to count the credit towards one of our university degrees. Non-degree study is completed across a semester. 

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A new course offering comprising of two units of coursework study. Designed for working practitioners and senior healthcare professionals wanting to undertake flexible study in specialised areas. One unit is completed each semester, with completion of a certificate within a year.

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Short-term study options can give your qualifications a refresh, enable you to meet continuing professional development requirements, introduce you to new skills or tap into your creativity.

Many professions require you to undertake continuing professional development (CPD) to stay accredited and keep your knowledge current.

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Graduate certificate

A graduate certificate typically offers the essential or core units of study towards a master's degree. It is a good option to extend your existing knowledge base or upskill in a certain area to develop or advance your career. Graduate certificates can usually be completed in six months of full-time study, or potentially support your progress to an associated graduate diploma and/or master's degree, subject to progression requirements.

Graduate diploma

Like a graduate certificate, a graduate diploma offers a subset of the units of study offered in a master's degree but more than those in a graduate certificate. It is also an excellent option if you would like to upskill and get a solid grounding in your chosen field and/or don't want to commit to a full master's just yet. Graduate diplomas are usually one year of full-time study. 

Master's degree

Master's degrees are ideal if you need specialised knowledge and skills, and want to take the next step in your career. You can gain professional qualifications for your next job, upskill for your current role, and/or develop academic expertise in your chosen field. If studying full-time, master's degrees typically require one or two-years to complete. 

Advanced master's degree

An advanced master's degree involves an in-depth specialisation or a broadening of the knowledge of a certain study field. That is why a master's degree is required for admission to an advanced master's program.

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Sydney Health Executive Education (SHEEd)

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Sydney Health Executive Education (SHEEd) provides a premium healthcare education experience to mid- to advanced-career health professionals who are focused on progressing their career with new knowledge and skills in an agile and dynamic environment.

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