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Medicine and health scholarships

We invest in potential, reward talent and help those in need
We offer a vast range of scholarships and prizes to new and continuing students in undergraduate, postgraduate coursework and postgraduate research degrees.

Scholarships provide the financial security to pursue education with more freedom so you can immerse yourself fully in the opportunities provided in your course, get involved in university life and excel academically.  

The University of Sydney awards scholarships based on two criteria – excellence and achievement, and equity and merit. We offer these scholarships to the most able and deserving students, both domestic and international.

With more than 700 scholarship programs on offer across the university, there are a range of options for bachelors and honours students, postgraduate courework students and postgraduate research students.

We invite you to take your time to look at the faculty-based scholarship opportunities open to Faculty of Medicine and Health students as well as the wider university scholarship schemes on offer by exploring the Scholarships Office website.

Faculty scholarships

University scholarships


A career that gives back

Hear from a Susan Wakil scholarship recipient.

Rachel Hibbard is a mental health nurse at the Professor Marie Bashir Centre.
I had the privilege of learning from the experts in the area of international public health, as well as meeting friends from various backgrounds who had remarkable experiences to share, teaching me valuable life lessons.
Audy Ariana, Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education scholarship holder