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Postgraduate Medicine and Health Courses

Postgraduate medicine and health courses

Advance your career with a postgraduate degree
Our courses are taught by experts in their field and will give you the skills and knowledge to work at a high level in the healthcare industry.

Postgraduate course options

Pursue a career in allied health with our wide-range of graduate entry master's programs. Students with an undergraduate degree from any discipline can apply, but some pre-requisites may apply. Find out more: 

We also offer a postgraduate program to qualified diagnostic radiographers to advance their skills and extend their knowledge and experience. Choose to specialise in: CT, MRI, hybrid imaging, radiographic image interpretation, breast imaging or research. Find out more: 

We provide a wide range of cutting-edge postgraduate coursework for clinicians. Many of these courses are offered at a range of levels including graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master's level. All of these courses require a Doctor of Medicine degree (or equivalent), for entry.

Find out more about postgraduate study for doctors.

Some medicine programs are also available to other healthcare professionals and students who have a background in science. Find out more below: 

Short courses and professional certificates 

We offer short courses and professional certificates in medicine for practising clinicians and healthcare professionals. These options are perfect for those more advanced in their career.


Our postgraduate surgery program offers a range of courses for medical graduates, surgical trainees and surgeons. All of our subjects are accredited by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS) and with so much choice, you will be able to tailor a program to suit your interests.

Find out more about the range of courses offered by the Discipline of Surgery or visit a specific course page below:

Breast surgery:

Our intensive two-year master's program allows students from all tertiary backgrounds to graduate with a professional qualification in nursing. Find out more:

We also offer specialist postgraduate nursing degrees to registered nurses who want to solidify the theoretical foundations of their practice.

Find out more about postgraduate study for nurses.

Fast track your career to becoming a qualified pharmacist with our two-year intensive master's program. This course is designed for graduates from all disciplines, but some pre-requisites do apply. Find out more:

We also offer specialist postgraduate courses to qualified pharmacists who may wish to expand their knowledge in the field. 

We offer postgraduate public health courses to students from both health and non-health backgrounds who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of public health. Most of our programs are offered at the graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master's level. Find out more: 

Short courses and professional certificates

We also offer professional development and continuing education through short courses and professional certificates for practising health professionals. 

Some specialist master’s degrees in health are offered in conjunction with other faculties at the University. Find out more:

Faculty of Science 
The University of Sydney Law School 
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences