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Doctor of Dental Medicine

Start your career as a dentist
Our Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) will teach you to be a confident, ethical and qualified dentist. You’ll build skills through practice-based learning, in a degree built to meet the community's changing oral health needs.

Admission pathways

There are two ways to enter the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) program.

Graduate entry is a four-year postgraduate course for applicants with a bachelor's degree.

Undergraduate admission is available for high school leavers who have achieved exceptional results. The seven-year double degree dentistry pathway combines the Doctor of Dentistry (DMD) with an undergraduate degree.

Admission process

The admission process for the Doctor of Dental Medicine is very detailed, please follow our step-by-step timeline and download the latest version of the Admissions Guide available on the relevant course page.

Why study the DMD at Sydney?

When you study the Doctor of Dental Medicine (DMD) at the Sydney Dental School, you will:

  • access the latest technology, facilities and teaching laboratories
  • understand how to make treatment decisions that are most appropriate for patients as individuals
  • gain confidence in treating patients through simulation and practice-based experience
  • develop leadership skills to enable contribution to the dental community
  • learn the skills to make informed decisions by critiquing research and evidence
  • be taught by internationally-renowned dental professionals, who are some of the most highly respected academics in Australia and the world
  • undergo clinical education at the University of Sydney Camperdown campus, as well as Westmead Centre for Oral Health and Sydney Dental Hospital.