01 March 2019

New molecule that relaxes blood vessels discovered

Chemical detective work by researchers at the Victor Chang Institute and the University of Sydney have uncovered a new molecule which controls relaxation of blood vessels during inflammation
07 March 2019

Would you eat that?

You might think raw meat pet food is good for your dog. But a new study, published in Vet Record, has found it can have high levels of bacteria that may pose health risks for your pet.
28 March 2019

Show time for Camden campus

University of Sydney farms are essential in supporting teaching and research activities of Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.
24 January 2019

Destination space: leaving earth

On Halloween in 2015, the human race had a lucky break. It did not get wiped out by a big rock.
25 January 2019

The sovereignty and science of the skies

Shannon Foster, D’harawal Saltwater Knowledge Keeper, shares the connection and importance of the sky for the Indigenous Australian people.
17 January 2019

Happy 150th birthday to the periodic table

Here’s to 150 more years of inspiration, curiosity, and surprising problem-solving.
29 January 2019

Australia Day honour for Professor Elaine Sadler

Professor Elaine Sadler has been recognised for her service to science in the Australia Day 2019 Honours List.
16 January 2019

I love a sunburnt country, not a sunburnt dog

There are other problems with summer that a lot of people don’t consider. Just like us, dogs are susceptible to sunburn, but they are also at great risk of burnt paws.
30 September 2019

5 things we learnt in ‘Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations’

Dr Celine van Golde, from our School of Psychology in the Faculty of Science, gave a hugely popular Sydney Science Forum talk ‘Not Guilty: the psychology of crime investigations’ on 18 September. Here are five things we learnt from her.
26 September 2019

Sydney students win Graingrowers Crops Competition

The competition challenges students on their knowledge and competency skills including farm business management, agronomy, seed identification, live crop yield potential and plant and disease identification.