Chicken is pen

Show time for Camden campus

28 March 2019
Agricultural and animal research excellence at Camden Show
University of Sydney farms are essential in supporting teaching and research activities of Sydney Institute of Agriculture, Sydney School of Veterinary Science and the School of Life and Environmental Sciences.

From Camden to Narrabri, our farms have researchers and students based all over New South Wales.

Camden Show kicks off two days of family fun on the 5 April, with animal shows, produce tents and rodeos. Researchers from the University of Sydney will be presenting some of the cutting edge research from Camden campus. Ever wondered who designs the diet of chickens, what the inside of a cow looks like, or how to keep wheat healthy? Come and find our researchers as they showcase the wonderful world of science.

Interactive activities: 

  • Join PhD student Richard Harwood as he guides you into the microscopic world of plant cells with the use of virtual reality.
  • Take a virtual tour of the Camden Campus robot dairy with Dr Sabrina Lomax and Associate Professor Cameron Clark. 
  • Learn how we are increasing crop yields using DIY science tools such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino with Dr William Salter. 
  • Find out exactly where our meat comes from and how we are making it taste even better with Dr Melanie Smith. 
  • Go hands on with PhD student Karen Matthews to learn microbiology techniques and how she is using them to tackle Q fever.

Our research showcase

“Plant agriculture is facing many challenges from climate change and disease,” explains Michelle Demers, PhD student at the Plant Breeding Institute, “so at the Camden Show we will be presenting how our research is at the forefront of protecting our crops in the face of adversity, while securing our food supply in a changing world.”

“People will learn about the effects that climate change and diseases have on our crops, and what steps we are taking through our research to keep producing strong and healthy plants.”

And there is something for everyone; “Families can see some of our crop plants up close and explore plant pathogens through a microscope.”

We talked to Sonia Liu, Senior Lecturer in Poultry Nutrition, and asked her what research she will be showcasing at Camden. “I will be showing how we can secure future chicken meat supply by using sustainable nutritional strategies”.

“I’m hoping to dispel some myths about the Australian chicken-meat and egg industry, and show people what we feed chickens and how we go about it”

“Children and students will be able to experiment with different combinations of ingredients, put together a take-home plate of chicken feed, and learn how each ingredient benefits the health, welfare and environmental sustainability of chicken-meat production.”

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