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Young leaders driving climate action showcase their solutions

30 September 2019
Geosciences PhD student at United Nations Youth Climate Summit
Danilo Ignacio de Urzedo is completing his PhD in the School of Geosciences on Amazon forest restoration. He was recently one of 500 young people who attended the UN Youth Climate Summit and UN Climate Action Summit in NY.
Danilo Ignacio De Urzedo

Danilo in New York standing in front of the UN Sustainable Development Goals holding the goal most relevant to his important research.

Danilo Ignacio De Urzedo attended as part of the Youth4Nature delegation to share stories and mobilise network to help kick-start a youth-led movement in planning, implementing, and advocating for Nature-based Solutions.

Nature-based solutions redefine people’s relationship with nature and aim to harness the capacity of nature to reduce emissions, enhance resilience, and can offer a crucial response to climate change and sustainable development.

“Nature-based solutions are key climate actions not just to promote the importance of ecosystems and biodiversity conservation, but to improve participation of local communities, indigenous peoples and minority groups. Solutions for mitigating and adapting climate change will not be advanced if they do not consider the reduction of social inequality, poverty and environmental injustices,” states Danilo.

UN Youth Climate Summit

2019 UN Youth Climate Summit, New York.

The historic United Nations Youth Climate Summit is a platform for young leaders who are driving climate action to showcase their solutions at the United Nations, and to meaningfully engage with decision-makers on defining issue of our time.

The events brought together young activists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and change-makers who are committed to combating climate change at the pace and scale needed to meet the challenge.

The summit aimed to be action-oriented, intergenerational, and inclusive, with equal representation of young leaders from all walks of life.

Danilo reflects on his experiences of the Summit, "Although the Climate Action Summit addressed little progress in global negotiations to promote more realistic actions and ambitious movements, the event will be remembered by all the remarkable young people who took the leadership to demonstrate effective actions for climate solutions.

“The school global climate strike and the UN Youth Summit proved the power of the social movement raised by young people over the world. The urgent need for mitigation and adaption actions rely on the conditions of better intergeneration dialogues to build effective and inclusive arrangements for climate justice."

"This is a unique experience in my life trajectory. Being immersed in an international arena for political decision-making processes with a brilliant youth delegation is a remarkable opportunity. I'm taking back home outstanding youth stories that give me dynamic perspectives for a better future," explains Danilo.

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