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X-ray crystal structures

Rutledge Group

Research into organic chemistry and chemical biology
Developing new drugs and sensors for biomedical applications, chemical solutions to environmental problems, and biologically-inspired catalysts for synthesis.

Our aims

Our research uses the tools of organic synthesis, bio-organic chemistry, biocatalysis and chemical biology to develop new antibiotics, molecular sensors to study biological systems, and biologically-inspired catalysts for important synthetic transformations.

We seek new antibiotics from natural product and synthetic sources, and build fluorescent probes to study biomolecular targets that include amyloid beta and the estrogen receptor.

Rutledge Group research

Our research interests

We are working on a range of projects in the general area of organic chemistry and chemical biology.

Our team

Research students

  • Sarah Ball: Development of small molecule inhibitors of functional amyloid structures associated with human and plant diseases 
  • Jamie Batten: Combating the Burgeoning Incidence of Drug-Resistant TB 
  • Hung Duong: Eumycetoma: A case study in open source drug discovery and public engagement with science 
  • Lukas Roth: Streamlined access to existing and new medicines 
  • Elva Shi: Cyclam-based compounds to interfere protein aggregation 
  • Elene Tatunashvili: Reaction development in radical chemistry 
  • Sandra Ast, Postdoctoral researcher
  • Samantha Cheung, PhD 
  • Patrick Crisologo, Honours student 
  • Prarthana Devi, PhD
  • Ayesha Hussain, PhD 
  • Tim Sheedy, PhD
  • Joseph Wong, PhD 



2010–2012     Dr Qun Yu

2007–2008     Dr Elizabeth Barrett

Graduate Students

2011–2012     Daniel Hutchinson

2010–2011     Yu Heng Lau

2007–2010     Kaitlin Beare

2004–2008     Cillian Byrne

2004–2008     Vicky Dungan

2003–2007     Sarah Barry

2003–2007     Kate Houlihan

2003–2007     Conor Scully


For information about PhD opportunities contact Associate Professor Peter Rutledge via Research Supervisor Connect.

For current honours projects, you can view the Chemistry honours projects guide.

Peter Rutledge

Associate Professor
  • Room 547, School of Chemistry F11, University of Sydney NSW 2006

Rutledge research group