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Weichang Yu: "Discriminant Analysis Distributions for Melanoma”

Analysis and probability

Taming infinite and random processes
Developing the mathematical underpinnings that improve our understanding of critical or random phenomena in real-world problems.

Probability is the mathematical study of random phenomena.

It has applications in diverse fields such as biology, finance, telecommunications and traffic networks, and is the theoretical basis for statistics and the fields of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence.

Analysis is a broad area of modern mathematics that has grown out of, and maintains connections with, multiple diverse topics in science, engineering, and technology.

Our group pursues several lines of investigation, including basic research in pure mathematics to improve general understanding of Analysis and Probability and their interactions, as well as development of mathematical results that lay the groundwork for real-world applications in engineering, social and natural sciences, medicine and healthcare.

Header image: Weichang Yu: "Discriminant Analysis Distributions for Melanoma”

Research areas

  • Probability and stochastic processes
  • Analysis and PDEs
  • Statistical theory
  • Global analysis, analysis on manifolds