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Limit set of a Schottky Group

Dynamics and symmetry

Unveil complexity and beauty
Discover and explain nature's laws at every scale

Nature is inherently nonlinear and complex, yet it also reveals symmetry at every scale. Much of its beauty is reflected in the border between chaos and order. Here unexpected universal structures can lead to a deep understanding of nature.

The diverse research areas of the School's Dynamics & Symmetry cluster represent different ways to study and unveil the complexity and beauty of the laws of nature. These research fields complement and inform each other.

Together they strive for a complete understanding of nature and social systems.

Header image: Martin Gossow (Science Dalyell Showcase project): Limit set of a Schottky Group

Research areas

  • Group theory and generalisations

  • Representation theory

  • Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory

  • Integrable Systems

  • Fluid dynamics

  • Lie theory