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SEEDLing lab

Understanding why children behave, think and feel the way they do
We investigate child development from infancy to adolescence to understand the learning processes that underlie children's complex behaviours and personalities and how their genes and environment influence these processes.

Our aim

Making use of various research strategies such as naturalistic observation through to eye tracking devices, our research hopes to reveal how these amazing young learners draw connections, make inferences and transfer learning across domains, enabling them to navigate their social worlds.

Our people

  • Dr Micah Goldwater, Co-director
  • Dr Caroline Moul, Co-director
  • Kate Ridgway
  • Gareth Roberts, Postdoctoral Research Fellow
  • Lindsey Kemp, Phd Candidate

Some of our collaborators

  • Dr Tom Beesley, UNSW
  • Dr Brett Hayes, UNSW
  • Dr Ross Otto, McGill University
  • Dr Michael Jacobson, USYD
  • Dr Zachary Horne, Arizona State University
  • Lennart Schalk, College of Education Schwyz

Caroline Moul

Senior Lecturer
  • Room 338 Brennan MacCallum A18

Micah Goldwater

Senior Lecturer
  • Room 336 Brennan MacCallum A18