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Sydney Precision Data Science Centre

Extracting insight from the data deluge

We are a world-leading precision data discovery centre that facilitates data decision making in the areas of health and wellbeing, food sciences, conservation, and biomedicine.

The Sydney Precision Data Science Centre aims to realise the University's collective research potential, make ground-breaking foundational discoveries using data-intensive science, and answer the complex  challenges in biology, medicine and global health. 

The purpose of the Sydney Precision Data Science Centre is to engage in high quality and transformational multidisciplinary research and to provide a research hub to all interdisciplinary researchers in data-intensive science.

We generate innovative, fit-for-purpose applied analytical methodologies that are critical to knowledge discovery through the deep integration of various quantitative disciplines and research paradigms.


April 2023: Jean Yang and Shila Ghazanfar win Chan Zuckerberg Initiative Data Insights grant.
March 2023: Rachel Wang wins Moral Medal in Statistical Sciences.
February 2023: Pengyi Yang wins Sydney Research Accelerator fellowship.

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