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How to become a registered psychologist

Accreditation of our psychology course offerings
At the University of Sydney there are a number of paths to becoming a registered psychologist in Australia.

The pathway to become a registered Psychologist is outlined by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC). These steps which can be taken at the University of Sydney include the completion of: 

1. Undergraduate psychology sequence

At the University of Sydney an APAC accredited undergraduate psychology sequence can be taken though these pathways:

·      Bachelor of Psychology Honours (fourth year psychology is embedded).

·      The Psychology Program within an APAC accredited degree for example Bachelor of Psychology, Bachelor of Science or Arts. You can check for APAC accredited degrees here). The Psychology Program consists of ten 6 credit point units requires the completion of 12 credits points of first year units, 24 credit points of 2nd year units and 24 credit points of 3rd year units which make up the Program.

·       Students who have already completed a Bachelor degree from any discipline may complete the 1.5 year (full time) Graduate Diploma of Psychology.

2. Fourth year of Psychology

The Honours program can be taken as part of the Bachelor of Psychology (embedded within the degree) or appended to another undergraduate degree (see above). Admission into Honours is based on the average mark from 2nd and 3rd year PSYC units and has the requirement that the student has completed the Psychology Program.

3. Fifth and sixth (plus) years of psychology

The required fifth and sixth years of psychology can be taken at the University of Sydney within our Master of Clinical Psychology. Students can apply for registration as a psychologist after successfully completing the Master of Clinical Psychology. In order to be endorsed in a specific area of practice (eg Clinical Psychology), students need to complete two year registrar program after graduation.

Professional recognition of qualifications

Professional recognition of a psychology graduate’s training is recognised by the following organisations:

  • Psychology Board of Australia, the Board which determines who may practise Psychology in Australia.
  • Australian Clinical Psychology Association, a professional body representing Clinical Psychologists in Australia who have completed post-graduate qualifications leading to endorsement in clinical psychology. Membership of ACPA is not required to practise as a psychologist in Australia.
  • Australian Psychological Society (APS),  a professional body representing Psychologists in Australia with a fifth and sixth year of graduate study. Membership of the APS is not required to practise as a psychologist in Australia.

All forms of recognition require the successful completion of a sequence of study in psychology that has been accredited by the Australian Psychology Accreditation Council (APAC).