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Transcripts and academic records

Academic verifications


This page has information about having your official academic documents verified for an employer or agency.

If you are trying to access your own documents, we have information about requesting copies of your academic transcript.

You may need to provide verified documents such as testamurs or academic transcripts to third parties such as employers or government agencies. 

Documents can be verified in three ways.

  • Through the Graduate Verification System.
  • Through the manual document verification process.
  • By sharing your digital My eQuals documents, which are automatically certified as being accurate.

Graduate Verification Service

The University uses the Graduate Verification Service to help employers and other third parties verify the qualifications of our graduates. The service is designed to speed up the verification process for graduates and minimise the potential for document fraud and breaches of academic integrity.

The service is offered by the same organisation that provides the My eQuals digital documents system utilised by the University for sharing qualifications digitally.

How it works

When you're part of the service, registered employers and third parties will be able to request verification of the details for your course. Information about conferrals back to 1981 is available in the system.

  • Employers submit a request for information from the University about your qualification.
  • You are sent an email about this request.
  • The service will confirm if your qualification have a 'match', 'partial match' or 'no match' against the University's records.

Opting out

You can opt out of the Graduate Verification Service online. Doing so will remove all of your graduate information from the system. If you opt to not share your information with the service, there may be delays in verifying your qualifications in the future.

Manual document verification

We can manually verify your documents if you are not able to utilise the Graduate Verification Service or provide My eQuals documents.

To request verification, a third party needs to submit a written request digitally or via mail.

What to include in the request

The request should include the following information in order for us to verify the documents:

  • the student's full name
  • the student's date of birth
  • the student's Student ID number (if known).

We may be able to verify additional details such as major or enrolment dates may if you have supplied the third party a signed, written authorisation.

If applicable, the request should also include:

  • a copy of the document to be verified.

Manual academic verification requests will take up to five business days to be processed.

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Last updated: 02 April 2024

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