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Planning your course

Academic advice

Most faculties and schools have academic advisors who can provide advice about planning your course.

Architecture, design and planning program directors

Program Contact Email
Bachelor of Design in Architecture Mr Michael Muir
Bachelor of Design Computing
Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies
Mr Liam Bray
Bachelor of Design Computing/Bachelor of Advanced Studies (Honours) Dr Callum Parker
Design Major (Table S) Dr Karla Straker
Biological Design Major (Table S) Dr Phillip Gough
Bachelor of Architecture & Environments

Dr Matthew Mindrup 

Dr Dallas Rogers

Master of Architecture Dr Paolo Stracchi
Bachelor of Design in Architecture (Honours)/Master of Architecture Professor Chris Smith
Graduate Diploma & Master of Design Dr Erez Nusem
Master of Interaction Design & Electronic Arts Associate Professor Lian Loke
Master of Heritage Conservation Associate Professor Cameron Logan
Master of Urban Design Associate Professor Nancy Marshall

Master of Urbanism Associate Professor Nancy Marshall
Master of Urban & Regional Planning Associate Professor Nancy Marshall
Urban Studies Major (Table S) Associate Professor Tooran Alizadeh

Master of Architectural Science Dr Daniel Ryan

Master of Architectural Science stream coordinators

Stream Contact Email
Audio and Acoustics Associate Professor Densil Cabrera
Illumination Design Associate Professor Wendy Davis
High Performance Buildings Professor Richard de Dear
Sustainable Design Dr Daniel Ryan
Building Services (Graduate Certificate) Professor Richard de Dear
Facilities Management (Graduate Certificate) Professor Richard de Dear

If you're studying in the Business School you can find contacts for advice in your Canvas hub:

For Business School students on the Academic Progression Register, please send an email to

Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors

Your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors are senior academics available to offer you advice and support throughout your studies. You can talk to them about a range of different topics including:

  • improving your academic performance
  • setting study goals
  • planning your degree and choosing subjects
  • understanding the range of different student support services available to you and accessing the best resources for your needs
  • what to do if you are struggling at university and need some advice.

The following FAQ documents have been developed to assist FASS students. Before you contact an academic advisor, please download the document for your school (SSPS, SOPHI, SLC, SLAM) or stream (INGS, Dalyell) and check to see if your question(s) are answered in the FAQs. If you aren’t sure who to speak to, contact the Student Affairs and Engagement team at and we’ll connect you with the right person.

Contact your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisor

There are two key ways you can contact your Academic Undergraduate Student Advisor.

  1. Complete the online form and get matched with an Academic Undergraduate Student Advisor in your field of study.
  2. Send an email using the contact details below. In your email include who you are, what you are studying, and what you’d like to discuss. You can contact any of the Advisors listed and should choose the person who most closely matches your study background. If your Department does not have an Advisor, we recommend you contact any of the Advisors from your School.
School Academic Undergraduate Student Advisors
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry (SOPHI)

Jess Kean (Gender & Cultural Studies)

Brian Hedden (Philosophy)

Elly Cowan (Classics and Ancient History)

Caroline West (Philosophy)

School of Languages and Cultures (SLC)

Chiew Hui Ho (Chinese Studies)

Josh Stenberg (Chinese Studies)

Léa Vuong (French and Francophone Studies)

Seiko Yasumoto (Japanese Studies)

Fernanda Panaloza (Spanish and Latin American Studies)

School of Literature Art and Media (SLAM)

Isabelle Hesse (English)

Sanné Mestrom (SCA)

Oliver Smith (SCA)

Alexander Howard(Writing Studies)

Fiona Martin (MECO)

Keith Broadfoot (Art History)

Rebecca Johinke (English, Complex Case)

Bronwen Dyson (Writing Studies)

School of Economics (SE)

Khanh Phan

Stephen Whelan

Nicolas de Roos

Pablo Guillen Alvarez

Stella Huangfu

Timothy Fisher

Chandana Maitra

Huy Vu

Ye Lu

Stephen Cheung

Jiemai Wu

Valentina Duque

Alastair Fraser

Anastasia Burkovskaya

Shyamal Chowdhury

School of Social and Political Sciences (SSPS)

Sarah Phillips (Government and International Relations)

Susan Banki (Sociology/Social Policy)

Fiona Gill (Sociology)

Susan Schroeder (Political Economy)

Nicholas Bromfield (Government and International Relations)

John Mikler (Government/IR only)

Craig Browne (Sociology/Social Policy

Ryan Schram (Anthropology)

School of Education and Social Work (SSESW)

Louise Sutherland (Student Life Advisor, Secondary Combined Degree -Science, Maths and Geography)

Yeow-Tong Chia (Student Life Advisor, Secondary Combined Degree-Arts and Humanities)

Heather McMaster (Student Life Advisor, Primary Education)

Claire Marvell (Student Life Advisor, Health and Physical Education)

Marianne Fenech (Student Life Advisor, Early Childhood Education)

Pam Joseph (Student Life Advisor, Social Work)

Specialist portfolios  
Educational Integrity Coordinators Gwendolyn Hyslop - Educational Integrity Coordinator
Giorgia Alu - Educational Integrity Coordinator
Disability Liason Officers Associate Professor David Evans - Faculty Disability Liaison Officer
Christopher Pepin-Neff - Faculty Disability Liaison Officer
Social Inclusion Linda Tsung - Associate Dean (Indigenous Strategy and Services)
Student Affairs Greg Martin - Associate Dean, Student Affairs
Student Life Rebecca Johinke - Associate Dean, Student Life
INGS/Bachelor of International and Global Studies Director James Curran - INGS Director 
Dalyell Scholars Program Coordinators Brendon O’Connor - US Studies Centre
Anne Rogerson - School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry

Postgraduate Coursework Coordinators

If you're a postgraduate student, you can contact your Coursework Coordinator for support. They will be able to provide advice to you over email or face-to-face about a range of topics including support services available, degree planning and improving your performance.

Contact your Postgraduate Coursework Coordinator

You can find a full list of Postgraduate Coursework Coordinators in Canvas. Send an email using the contact details provided to a Coursework Coordinator in your field of study. In your email include who are, what you are studying and what you would like to discuss.Educational Integrity Coordinator

If you are studying at the Faculty of Engineering, it is recommended that you speak with your year advisor for academic advice. Please see the list of schools below, and email the relevant advisor for an appointment.

If you are a new students, you can visit Welcome to Science for more information. 

If you're studying in the Sydney Law School, you can find the course and timetable information in Canvas.

Please email: for academic advice about Juris Doctor and Bachelor of Laws Programs. for academic advice about Law Masters and Graduate Diploma Programs.

Sydney School of Health Sciences

Course directors
Discipline Course Contact Email
Behavioural and Social Sciences in Health Bachelor of Health Sciences Zakia Hossain
Exercise and Sport Science Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sports
Kate Edwards
Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise Physiology) Glen Davis
Master of Exercise Physiology Nathan Johnson
Medical Imaging Sciences Bachelor of Applied Science (Diagnostic Radiography) Peter Kench
Master of Diagnostic Radiography Jillian Clarke
Master of Health Science (Medical Radiation Sciences)/Master of Medical Imaging Science Roger Bourne
Occupational Therapy Bachelor of Applied Science (Occupational Therapy) Justin Scanlan
Master of Health Sciences (Developmental Disability) Andy Smidt
OT: Master of Occupational Therapy Sanetta Du Toit
Physiotherapy Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) Debra Shirley
Master of Physiotherapy Susan Coulson
Rehabilitation Counselling Master of Rehabilitation Counselling (+GDip) Roxanna Pebdani
Speech Pathology Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Pathology) Natalie Munro
Master of Speech Language Pathology Alison Purcell
Stream coordinators
Stream Contact Email
Bachelor of Science (Health) stream and Health major coordinator Rowena Forsyth
Hearing and Speech major Elizabeth Murray
Human Movement major Chin-Moi Chow
Disability and Participation major (available from 2020) Kim Bulkeley

Sydney Dental School

Discipline Contact Email
Academic Lead Education Dr Delyse Leadbeatter
Oral Biosciences Associate Professor Munira Xaymardan
Oral Health Dr Kimberly Mathieu-Coulton
Oral Surgery, Medicine and Diagnostics Professor Hans Zoellner
Orthodontic and Paediatric Dentistry Professor Ali Darendeliler
Population Oral Health Professor Woosung Sohn
Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry Professor Axel Spahr

Sydney Medical School

Discipline Contact Email
Advanced Surgery
Clinical Surgery
Surgical Anatomy
Professional Education in Health
Brain and Mind Sciences
Professional Education in Health
Clinical Neurophysiology
Critical Care Medicine
Internal Medicine
Metabolic Health
Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Development
Professional Education in Health
Sleep Medicine Professional Education in Health
Cataract and Refractive Surgery
Intrnational Ophthalmology
Ophthalmic Science
Discipline of Ophthalmology
Child and Adolescent Health       Professional Education in Health
General Practice and Primary Health Care Professional Education in Health
Genomics and Precision Medicine Professional Education in Health
Sexual and Reproductive Health Professional Education in Health
Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy Professional Education in Health
Clinical Trials Research Adrienne Kirby
Infection and Immunity Jim Manos
Medicine Jane Bleasel
Pain Management Elizabeth Devonshire
Leigh-Anne Funnell

Sydney Nursing School

Pre-registration courses Contact Email
Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) Coordinator Toby Raeburn
Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) Year 1 Advisor Dr Narelle Story
Bachelor of Nursing (Advanced Studies) Year 2 and 3 Advisor Clare Davies
Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) Pre-registration programs Coordinator Dr Vasiliki Betihavas
Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) Year 1 Advisor Astrid Frotjold
Master of Nursing (Graduate Entry) Year 2 Advisor Dr Ronald Castelino
Master of Nursing Combined Degree Advisor (Science/Health Sciences) Dr Taneal Wiseman
Bachelor of Arts/Master of Nursing Combined Degree Advisor Moira Dunsmore
Postgraduate courses Contact Email
Advanced Nursing Practice and Clinical Nursing Coordinator Associate Professor Christopher Gordon
Cancer and Haematology Nursing Coordinator Shannon Philp
Emergency Nursing Coordinator Elizabeth Leonard
Intensive Care Nursing Coordinator Associate Professor Janice Gullick
Mental Health Nursing Coordinator Dr Andrea McCloughen
Nurse Practitioner Coordinator Jacqueline Fong
Primary Health Care Nursing Coordinator Dr Sue Randall
Clinical education Contact Email
Clinical Education Academic (Clinical Simulation) Astrid Frotjold
Clinical Education Academic (Clinical Facilitation) Michelle Maw

Sydney Pharmacy School

Program Contact Email
Program Director, Undergraduate Associate Professor Nial Wheate
Undergraduate Year 1 Coordinator Professor Timothy Chen
Undergraduate Year 2 Coordinator Dr Carl Schneider
Undergraduate Year 3 Coordinator Dr Joanna Harnett
Undergraduate Year 4 Coordinator Dr Stephen Carter
Honours Coordinator Dr Danijela Gnjidic
Program Director, Master of Pharmacy Associate Professor Rebekah Moles
Program Director, Intern Training Program Dr Irene Um
Program Director, Graduate Certificate in Evidence-Based Complementary Medicines Dr Joanna Harnett
Program Director, Higher Degree Research Dr Ingrid Gelissen

Sydney School of Public Health

Program Contact Email
Bioethics Dr Claire Hooker
Biostatistics Associate Professor Patrick Kelly
Clinical Epidemiology Dr Sharon Reid
Global Health Dr Giselle Manalo
Professor Mu Li
Health Policy Dr Carmen Huckel Schneider
Indigenous Health Promotion Dr Michelle Dickson
Public Health Dr Erin Mathieu
Professor Tim Driscoll
Program leaders Contact Email
Undergraduate first year advisor Dr Chris Coady
Bachelor of Music (Performance) Associate Professor Jeanell Carrigan
Bachelor of Music (Composition) / (Composition for Creative Industries) / (Digital Music and Media) and Postgraduate Research (Composition) Dr Damien Ricketson
Bachelor of Music (Music Education) Associate Professor Jennifer Rowley
Bachelor of Music (Jazz Studies) Mr David Theak
Bachelor of Music (Improvised Music) Dr Kevin Hunt
Bachelor of Music (Musicology major) Dr Alan Maddox
Bachelor of Arts (Music major) / Bachelor of Music (Contemporary Music Practice) Associate Professor Charles Fairchild
Postgraduate Coursework Assoc Professor Stephanie McCallum
Postgraduate Research (Performance) Associate Professor Helen Mitchell
PhD Associate Professor Kathleen Nelson

If you're studying in the Faculty of Science, you can find more information about degree planning and academic advice on the Science Student portal on Canvas. This includes science specific advice contacts and information.

If you are a new student, please visit Welcome to Science for more information. 

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