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Familiarise yourself with the instructions, processes and expectations governing in-semester tests and end of semester exams.


Changes to exams for Semester 1

We’re changing how we conduct exams in 2023. With classes returning to on-campus delivery for for all domestic and onshore students, we will be returning to on-campus exams for most students.

In Semester 1 your exams will be either:

  • supervised: if you are studying on-campus, most likely this will be an in-person exam supervised by an invigilator. If you are studying remotely, your exam will be conducted online through the ProctorU system with a live proctor
  • monitored: conducted online through the ProctorU system and recorded.

We will continue to update this page in the coming weeks as the semester begins.

Preparing for online exams

To keep students safe and minimise disruption to studies, we continue to schedule all our tests and exams online. If you have an in-semester test or end of semester exam scheduled you will complete it through Canvas either as a take-home quiz or assignment, an open-book exam, or under supervised conditions using an online platform called ProctorU.

When exam timetables are released, your timetable will include details on the type of exams you will be sitting. You should refer to the Canvas site for each of your units for more details on what format the exams or assignments will be in.

Booking a spot on campus

If you have a centrally-managed proctored test or exam (Live+ or Record+), and you do not have adequate space or technology to sit your exam off campus, we have a limited number of spots available to book to sit your exam on campus on a University computer. Bookings open on Wednesday 12 October for Semester 2 exams. As spaces are so limited, please do not book a spot on campus if you can arrange an alternative solution.

If you have an open book exam you can book a space in the Library. Headphones are required if you sit an exam in a library space. You will need to observe library booking conditions, and there are certain restrictions that may not be suitable for you to sit your exam in the library. For example, you can only reserve a space for up to 3 hours at a time and booking start and end times must be within library opening hours (not all libraries are available 24/7). If any of these conditions do not meet your booking requirements, you need to find an alternative venue to sit your open book exam. We recommend against sitting your Live+ or Record+ proctored tests or exams in public library space due to the nature of proctored tests or exams.

If you are registered with Inclusion and Disability Services and have exam adjustments in place for an exam e.g. extra time, a scribe, specific furniture or software, you should submit an online enquiry, making sure you reference 'on-campus registration' in the 'Tell us more about your enquiry' field. The Exams office will then be in touch to make the appropriate arrangements for you.

If you wish to sit an open-book exam on campus even though you don't have any relevant adjustments requiring you to do so, you should follow the process to book a space in the Library.

If you are unable to come on to campus but you feel your technology will prevent you from completing an exam online, you can apply for Special consideration.

Adjustments for online exams

Inclusion and Disability Services helps students who have a disability to access reasonable adjustments for exams. They can also help students who have a temporary condition or injury and require adjustments for their exam. Find out about registering with Inclusion and Disability Services.

Common adjustments converted for online delivery are outlined here. The Inclusion and Disability Services team are actively working on more complex cases not covered by common adjustments.

If you have a condition or circumstance that will affect you taking your exam in the short-term, just for a day, a week, or a few months, you may be able to apply for Special consideration.

Exam preparation

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Last updated: 06 February 2023

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