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Exam timetables

We provide you with a personalised timetable for all formal, end-of-semester exams. Your Semester 1 exam timetable will be available on this page from 29 April, 2024.

We update this link for each exam period, so it's best not to bookmark this.

If you have an in-semester test, these are managed by your faculty or school so you won't receive a timetable.


Trouble logging in

If you are unable to log in to the timetable, it is likely that you have no centrally timetabled exams. You should check your unit Canvas site for details on what format the exam will be in, or contact your unit of study coordinator. If you think you should be able to access your timetable, you can submit an enquiry online.

Understanding your exam timetable

Your exam timetable will include:

  • date and time (Sydney local time)
  • assessment type – this will display the type of exam i.e. paper-based or online
  • venue (for paper-based exams)
  • seat number (for paper-based exams)
  • reading time - on your Canvas site this will be included in the overall duration
  • writing time
  • special conditions - if you've been approved for exam adjustments through Inclusion and Disability Services, they will be displayed here.

If you haven't received a timetable, or if any of the details on your timetable don’t match your enrolment, you should contact us.


Can I change my exam type?

You can't change the type of exam you are scheduled to sit, eg. if you have an on-campus exam, you can't change to an online exam. If you apply for special consideration and are granted a replacement exam, this will be the same type as the original exam. 

Types of exams

Exams will be supervised and will either take place on campus or online. Your exam timetable will reflect which sort of exam you are expected to take. If your classes are mostly conducted on campus then you will likely sit your exams in-person as well. Remote students will primarily take their exams online.

Your exams may also be listed as oral (viva voce) or practical. Consult your timetable for more details about the type of exam you will be sitting.

Seat allocation

If you are sitting an exam on campus, your exam venue and seat number will be included on your timetable. These will most likely be different for every exam you take.

When you arrive at the exam venue, confirm your seat number and Student ID on the seating list outside the exam room. We require that you sit in your allocated seat.

Exam conditions

  • Closed book – you cannot bring any reference materials/resources.
  • Restricted open book – you will be able to bring some reference materials/resources. 
  • Open book -  you will be able to use reference materials/resources as outlined on your exam timetable. This may include online resources (including your unit of study Canvas resources and website search such as Google), locally saved notes on the your computer and paper-based resources (including printed/handwritten notes and textbooks) .

If you are taking a unit of study during the intensive period, your exam timetable will be centrally managed. We will contact you with information about your intensive exam timetable.

Exam clashes

Every effort is made to avoid clashes as much as possible.

During the final exam period at the end of semester, if you have two or more exams scheduled at the same time, we will make arrangements for you to sit your exams. You'll receive an email explaining your arrangements.

If you have an in-semester test held during the semester that clashes with another test, you will need to speak to your unit of study co-ordinator to get advice. If you have a test held during the semester that clashes with one of your classes, you should attend the exam.

Exam tips

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Last updated: 13 March 2024

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