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As a full-fee paying student you may be eligible for FEE-HELP.

  1. Overview and eligibility
  2. How to apply
  3. What happens next

Overview and eligibility

FEE-HELP is a government scheme assisting eligible students to access a loan to help cover all or part of their tuition fees.

There is a fixed maximum amount that you can borrow in your lifetime, called the FEE-HELP limit.

Any amount borrowed becomes part of an accumulated HELP debt which you will be required to repay through the tax system once you meet a certain salary threshold.

Loan fee

If you choose to use FEE-HELP during an undergraduate course there is a loan fee of 25 percent. This doesn’t count towards your FEE-HELP limit but will be added to your accumulated HELP debt.

There is no fee if you’re using FEE-HELP for a postgraduate course or higher degree by research.


To be eligible for FEE-HELP you need to be:

  • a full-fee paying student
  • an Australian citizen undertaking at least some of your course in Australia
  • an Australian permanent humanitarian visa holder residing in Australia for the duration of your study
  • a permanent visa holder undertaking bridging study for overseas-trained professionals and residing in Australia for the duration of your study
  • a New Zealand citizen who meets the long-term residency requirements.

If you are enrolled as a non-award student, you are not eligible for any Commonwealth support or loan-scheme assistance and need to meet the full cost of your tuition fees.

Eligibility criteria and legislation around FEE-HELP can change, so see the Study Assist website for full details.

Additional eligibility - completion rate

From 1 January 2022, if you start a course or transfer into a new course, you must pass at least 50 per cent of the units you attempt (not including any units withdrawn before the census date) if you are:

  • in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP)
  • receiving assistance through a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan.

The pass rate applies once you complete eight units, regardless of credit point value.

If you started your course before 2022, this requirement does not apply.

Find out more about the completion rate and how it affects you on the Study Asssist website.

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Last updated: 28 February 2022

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