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Re-enrol (continuing enrolment)

While you’re a student at the University of Sydney, you’ll need to re-enrol before the start of each academic year.


If you are currently enrolled and continuing your studies in the next session, you are known as a 'continuing student'.

Event or deadline Date

Step 1: Select your units early

From 27 November 2023, most continuing coursework students will be able to select Semester 1 and 2 units of study early for 2024. While you can make changes to your units later, planning and selecting your units early can help you plan your degree.

Select your units in Sydney Student (go to ‘My studies’, then ‘Units of study’).

You'll still need to come back and confirm your units when you re-enrol as part of Step 2.


When you select your units early, you may be prompted to complete an enrolment exception request or departmental permission request. If your application is dependent on a result, you may need to wait until after results are released on 13 December to receive an outcome. 

Step 2: Complete re-enrolment

Re-enrolment will include checking and confirming your contact details, finalising any financial arrangements and, for many students, selecting/confirming units of study for the year.

We will email you when it's time to complete your re-enrolment. For coursework students, this will usually be in the days following the release of all of your Semester 2 results. 

Sometimes there may be a delay in your enrolment opening. This could be because:

  • you have incomplete results
  • a grade is missing/blank.

In this situation, you'll need to contact your unit of study coordinator to request for your grade to be updated or finalised. Find out more about missing or incomplete results.  You should contact us if your enrolment is still not open three weeks before your enrolment deadline.

Confirm and submit


If you have already selected your units before results were released, it is important to review your selections and refer to your handbook to make sure you’re eligible to take these units. Find out more about pre-requisites and the rules associated with units of study.

You can re-enrol online by logging in to Sydney Student, go to ‘My studies’ then ‘Enrolment’.

Make sure you confirm your unit of study selections and complete all the steps of the enrolment task so you don’t risk losing your place in your course. You can find the enrolment deadlines for continuing students on our when to enrol page.  Having access to Canvas or your timetable does not necessarily mean you are currently enrolled.

Once you've completed the enrolment task, we will send an email confirmation to your University student email.

If you are enrolling in an intensive unit of study, the enrolment deadline may vary.

Bachelor of Laws and Juris Doctor

If you’re eligible to enrol in elective units of study, check your program’s timetable to make sure your class times don’t clash. Note that some of these units also require a special application and have unique eligibility criteria. Check on the Law Canvas website for further information.

Find course information and timetables for your program:

Master's level electives

In your final year you may be eligible to enrol in a maximum of four advanced-level master’s electives, listed in your handbook.

There is a quota of ten Bachelor of Laws and JD students for each elective. Enrolment is based on a first-come first-served basis, subject to eligibility requirements, such as relevant industry experience or prior specialist study.

When selecting your master's units, check the timetable to make sure your class times don’t clash. It’s your responsibility to meet all the attendance requirements.

To enrol in a master's unit, you need to fill out the Unit of study selection issues form. There are no waiting lists available if you do not secure a place.

Sydney School of Veterinary Science

Final year (DVM 4) students must ensure their enrolment matches their placement schedule – for example, you need to be enrolled in the correct units of study in the semester you are undertaking the placement. When enrolling you will need to refer to your individual schedule, you can find your schedule along with an enrolment guide in the placement management system (SONIA). Please note: semester fees are linked to the credit points you are enrolled in each semester.

Submitting your thesis

If you're a research student, to submit your thesis you need to be currently enrolled. This means that if you’re not expected to submit your thesis until after 31 December, you will need to re-enrol for the coming academic year.

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Last updated: 20 February 2024

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