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Special consideration and arrangements

What happens next


We will send the outcome of your application to your University student email account. Most applications are processed within four working days, though it may take longer if we need to request further information from your unit of study coordinator.

If your application is approved, we'll provide information on the special consideration granted and the adjustment you’ll receive in your outcome email. Depending on the type of special consideration granted, you may receive further communication with more detail on how this adjustment will work.

If further clarification is required, you will need to contact your unit of study coordinator for further details. If the consideration granted is a replacement exam or assessment, this may mean there will be a delay in receiving your results. You will not be allowed to re-enrol until these grades have been finalised.

If your application is declined, you'll receive information about why the decision was made and your options. If your application missed important information that could support your case, or excluded an affected assessment, you are encouraged to submit a new application with the missing documents or assessment details.

If the application status is 'in-progress' this means the decision is currently with your Faculty to determine a consideration which may take longer.

If possible, while you wait for the outcome of your application, you should continue to work on and submit your assessments or prepare to sit for your exams. There is no guarantee that your application will be approved. If you fail to attend an exam or placement and your application is declined, the result is most likely a mark of zero for the assessment and, if the assessment is compulsory, an 'Absent Fail' grade for the unit of study.

Withdrawing an application

An application cannot be changed once submitted, but you can ask to withdraw one or more requests in your application. You can do this at any time before the release of results for that assessment or the delivery of a replacement assessment, whichever occurs first.

To withdraw an application:

  • log in to the special considerations portal and go to 'My applications'
  • select 'Withdraw' against the applicable assessment. This does not withdraw the entire application. Instead it takes you to a screen where you need to enter the reason you are withdrawing your assessment
  • outline why you want to withdraw your application and select 'Withdraw'.

If you submit your withdrawal before a consideration has been applied, the status for that unit of study will change to 'Withdrawn' and not be assessed any further.

If you submit your withdrawal after a consideration has been applied, the status will change to ‘Withdrawal requested’ and you will receive an email once a decision on your withdrawal request has been made.

Appealing a decision

If you feel you have genuine grounds to contest a decision or the form of consideration granted, you may apply to have the decision reviewed.

You will need to follow the University’s three-stage academic appeals process. Each stage is managed by a different unit within the University. You will need to make sure you submit your appeal to the correct unit, depending on the stage of your appeal. Before your prepare or submit an appeal, you may wish to seek advice and support from one of the independent student organisations.

  1. Informal resolution request

    The first step you should take is to submit an informal resolution request, in writing. Find out more on the Resolution with original decision-maker page. You’ll need to submit the form in the Special Consideration portal.
  2. Formal appeal

    If your concerns can’t be resolved through the original decision-maker, the next step is to submit a formal appeal to the academic panel. Find out more on the Appeal to the Faculty or Academic Panel page.
  3. Appeal to the Student Appeals Body

    Lastly, if you believe that due academic process has not been followed in reaching your formal appeal outcome, you can make an appeal to the Student Appeals Body (SAB). Find out more on the Appeals to the Student Appeals Body (SAB) page.

Applying for further special consideration

If you are granted special consideration such as a replacement exam or repeat of a practical or submitted assessment, but you are unable to complete this due to further illness, you may be able to apply for further special consideration.

If you can’t attend or complete the additional special consideration, you can apply for further special consideration but your faculty or school may assess that no further consideration can be granted. For example, they may determine that it is not practically possible to provide a further replacement exam or practical. If they determine that it’s not practically possible, your application will instead be assessed for late discontinuation under special circumstances. If granted, you will receive a DC for your assessment. Find out more about how this process works.

Replacement exams

If you have been assigned a replacement exam as part of your special consideration outcome, you should visit the Replacement exams page for more information.

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Last updated: 24 October 2022

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