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Class timetables

Changes due to exceptional circumstances

If you have commitments that mean you can’t attend your classes, you should first try to adjust your timetable.

If you can’t make changes to your timetable it's often because the class you want to join is full or the changes you want to make would cause a clash. Find out more information about how to manage clashes and full classes on our troubleshooting guide.

If you have special circumstances and would like to adjust your timetable, you can submit a request for assistance with your timetable. Be aware that we will not be able to place you in a full class or deliberately create a clash.

Special circumstances that will be considered

Attending classes is an important part of your study at the University and we will only attempt to change your timetable if your circumstances are considered to be exceptional.

Examples of exceptional circumstances include, where you have:

  • work commitments where you can demonstrate financial need
  • carer responsibilities for a member of your household (such as a family member), that cannot be changed
  • a medical reason, such as ongoing medical appointments, that cannot be changed
  • inadequate travel time between two campuses (for example, between the Conservatorium of Music and Camperdown/Darlington Campus)
  • inadequate travel time on the same campus (for example, between Charles Perkins Centre and Abercrombie Building), where travel time exceeds 10 minutes
  • classes that finish after 6pm and difficulties or concerns about your safety travelling late at night (to the address where you live, as it appears in Sydney Student).

We will not make changes if you:

  • have work commitments where financial need cannot be demonstrated
  • want to be in a class with a friend
  • want to be in a class taught by a particular teacher
  • want to reduce the time between classes
  • have sporting commitments
  • want to swap classes with another student
  • want to limit your timetable to a certain number of days
  • don’t want to have early morning classes
  • want to create a clash on your timetable for a compulsory class.

For adjustments due to disability, you can contact Disability Support.

For Elite Athlete requests, contact the Elite Athlete Program Manager.

Supporting documents required

Your request for timetable alterations needs to be accompanied by verifiable supporting documents. Due to COVID-19, a student declaration (doc, 53KB) will be accepted as a supporting document in place of a statutory declaration.

You need to provide the following two documents:

  • a letter from your employer stating the days and times that you need to work
  • a Centrelink income statement or a statutory declaration stating that you need to support yourself financially in order to continue your studies.

If you need to care for a member of your household (such as a family member), you need to provide one or more of the following documents:

  • a letter from a medical practitioner stating the care you need to provide, including the time commitment.
  • a statutory declaration stating who you're providing care for, the nature of their need and that there is no other person who could reasonably carry out that care.

If you have medical reasons, such as ongoing medical appointments, you need to provide a letter from your medical practitioner which clearly states how you are impacted and the required time commitment.

A statutory declaration will support any exceptional circumstances where you can’t provide other supporting documents. It should include:

  • your full name
  • a statement about your special circumstances, including the days and times that you are affected and the impact that this will have on your studies.

Request timetable assistance

If you have exceptional circumstances, you can use our online form to request assistance with your timetable for Semester 2 units of study after you have received your personal timetable. For your request to be considered, you need to include any required supporting documents.

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Last updated: 20 October 2023

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