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Admission pathways

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Entry schemes

We want you to make the most of your ATAR, so we recognise circumstances such as significant educational disadvantage, high school achievements and activities through our entry schemes.



Entry and Scholarship Scheme

New in 2023 - Study your dream degree with ongoing financial and other support, including an $8,500 per annum scholarship. Click for more details.

The Gadigal Program is our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student pathway. This program gives you an early conditional offer to study at the University of Sydney, a lower minimum ATAR requirement and a range of support services.

Broadway Scheme

The Broadway Scheme is the University of Sydney's Educational Access Scheme (EAS) for domestic applicants who have experienced significant educational disadvantage during Year 11 and/or 12, or the equivalent period in which they gained the qualification they are using for admission. 

You may be eligible for up to ten adjustment factors. The number of adjustment factors awarded depends on course demand, availability of courses and the severity of your educational disadvantage.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Domestic applicant
  • Experienced significant educational disadvantage in Year 11, Year 12 or equivalent
  • No record of any previous tertiary study*
Tues 12 April 2022 See UAC EAS key dates

How to apply

  • Submit an EAS application with your UAC application.
  • Submit the required supporting documents demonstrating how your performance has been impacted for a period of at least six months during Year 11 and/or 12 or equivalent, due to circumstances beyond your control or choosing.

The following degrees are not eligible through this scheme:

  • Bachelor of Oral Health
  • Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Dental Medicine
  • Bachelor of Arts/Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine

*If you have a record of previous tertiary study see the Special Consideration for Admission Scheme, under Disruptions to study with tertiary record.

Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme

If you are an athlete or performer and your rehearsal, training or competitive commitments have significantly impacted your Year 12 studies, this scheme allows you to receive adjustment factors to increase your selection rank when applying to the University.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Australian citizen or permanent resident
  • Meet the criteria for an elite athlete or performer
  • Your Year 12 studies or equivalent were adversely impacted by time spent competing or performing
Monday 1 August 2022 5pm, Monday 31 October 2022
Elite athlete

You will be considered an elite athlete if, during your HSC year or equivalent, you were an outstanding Australian and/or state representative in a sport recognised by Sport Australia and your selection to participate significantly and adversely impacted your HSC preparation or equivalent.

Elite performer

You will be considered an elite performer if you performed in extended or significant productions that significantly and adversely impacted your HSC preparation or equivalent.

How to apply
  • Choose your course from the eligible course list (pdf, 66KB)
  • Submit the application form before the closing date
  • Your application will require you to submit the following evidence to support your entry:
    • A personal statement detailing the impact of your commitments on your academic performance during your HSC year or equivalent.
    • The average number of hours per week you spend training, rehearsing or practising and the number of school days missed during Year 12 due to sport or performance commitments.
    • An official record of your school attendance during your HSC year (or equivalent), detailing absence due to elite sport or performance.
    • A letter of reference/support from your school (sports coordinator, year advisor, principal).
    • A letter of reference/support from your coach, team official, or state or national organisation.

Note: If you are eligible for the scheme, it does not mean you will automatically receive adjustment factors.

Additional assessment

Your eligibility will also be assessed on:

  • Time away from studies devoted to competition/performances during your HSC (or equivalent) which have significantly affected your studies.
  • The nature of the competition/performance i.e. representation at state, national, or international level during HSC (or equivalent) or during other relevant studies.
  • Membership of an institute or academy of sport or member of any performing arts associations/institutes.
  • The number of students competing for entry into and the number of places available under the degree program.
  • Applicants rank and position in major competitions and performances.

Note: Your selection into the scheme may be affected by the number of students that apply to the degree, their rank and position in major competitions and performances, and the number of places made available in the degree.

Elite Athlete Program

The Elite Athlete Program run by Sydney Uni Sport and Fitness can provide support throughout your degree if your commitments continue.

Note: the Elite Athletes and Performers Scheme and the Elite Athletes Program are not related and require separate applications.

The Early Offer Year 12 (E12) Scheme is available to domestic NSW students who have experienced financial disruption in Year 11 and/or 12 or have attended a regional or remote school and have demonstrated the potential to succeed at the University.

The Academic Excellence Scheme recognises high performance in English and mathematics by applying adjustment factors to boost your selection rank.

Architecture, design and planning

The portfolio admissions pathway is a way for you to gain entry into some architecture, design and planning degrees if you are expecting to receive an ATAR of up to five points lower than the cut-off.

Music and visual arts

Under the Creative Arts Special Admission Scheme (CASAS), domestic students undertaking a recognised high school (Year 12) qualification and applying via UAC, may be eligible for an early offer of admission prior to the release of ATARs, or equivalent.

Eligible applicants will be assessed based on a combination of academic performance in Year 11 and 12, and audition or portfolio requirements.

Learn more about CASAS for music or visual arts.

This scheme aims to support students from rural and regional areas who are interested in studying Veterinary Science, with up to 10 places available for admission. Students with direct farming or animal handling experience are encouraged to apply.

Students attending rural, regional and remote schools as determined by UAC’s Educational Access Scheme (EAS) can gain entry to the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with a reduced ATAR.

  • Regional and Remote Schools - S01R: ATAR 90.00
  • Rural Schools - S01C: ATAR 85.00

All students must meet the additional admission criteria as outlined on the Bachelor of Veterinary Biology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine course page.

The Future Leaders Scheme allows school captains and dux students to gain entry to eligible courses with a lower ATAR requirement.

Alternate pathways

You can also consider coming to the University of Sydney after commencing tertiary study or after a break from study.

Special Consideration for Admission Scheme

This scheme is for students who have a record of tertiary study whose studies were impacted by circumstances beyond their control.

Eligibility Open date Close date
  • Domestic student with a record of tertiary study
  • Experienced disruption during your secondary or tertiary studies
  • ATAR (or equivalent qualification) that is close to the entry requirement of your preferred course
Monday 1 August 2022 5pm, Friday 16 December 202n.
How to apply
  • Complete your application for admission via the Universities Admission Centre (UAC) (or Sydney Student for current University of Sydney students)
  • Complete the application for Special Consideration for Admission (pdf, 274KB)
  • Complete your personal statement and prepare supporting documentation
  • Email your application to the Admissions Office

Your application will require:

  • Your personal details including UAC ID, if applicable.
  • Names of the courses you would like to apply to from up to two faculties/schools.
  • A personal statement outlining the disadvantage you experienced and how these circumstances disrupted your previous study. Personal statements should be no more than two pages.
  • Supporting documentation as evidence of your circumstances. Documentation should be no more than 10 pages. You do not need to provide evidence of your school or university results in your application as these will be accessed by the University via your application for admission.

Note: this pathway is only available for Semester 1 undergraduate entry.

Our graduate entry courses provide an option to gain a professional qualification in competitive areas such as dentistry, medicine, law, physiotherapy and veterinary medicine, after completing an undergraduate degree.

For example, if you do not receive the ATAR (or IB) for admission to physiotherapy, you can study a Bachelor of Science (Health) and then apply for admission to the Master of Physiotherapy if you achieve the required grades.

Browse our postgraduate courses for specific course details.

The Mature-age Entry Scheme is an entry pathway for students over the age of 21 who haven't completed any tertiary study or who did not receive an ATAR, or if it was below 70.

If you don’t get into the course you want in your first year you may be eligible to reapply after you complete one year of full-time study in a bachelor’s degree at the University of Sydney or another tertiary institution.

If you don't get the required ATAR

Check if you are eligible for any of our Guaranteed Entry courses using your selection rank.

If you achieve a Band 5 or 6 (or equivalent) in high-level English or mathematics, you can have an adjustment of up to five points added to your ATAR or equivalent IB score through the Academic Excellence Scheme.

Or, you can explore these alternative options:

Follow your interests in a different way. Our shared pool of majors gives you the flexibility to study your desired major in a different course.

Browse all undergraduate majors

Complete the first year of a related course with a lower ATAR then apply to transfer into your preferred course, with your first-year results taken into account.

For some of our courses, you can apply for a graduate entry into postgraduate coursework, such as a master's degree, after you have completed your undergraduate degree.

Browse our postgraduate courses for specific course details.

Frequently asked questions

All entry schemes are for entry into eligible undergraduate courses only unless otherwise stated.

At the University of Sydney, you may be eligible for multiple admission schemes or pathways, but you will only be awarded the adjustment factors from the scheme or pathway that is of highest benefit to you. You cannot accumulate points across multiple schemes and pathways.

A current school leaver means you are applying for your course with the University during your final year of secondary education, i.e., Year 12 or equivalent


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