29 September 2017

5 questions to ask at a postgraduate event

If you are considering postgraduate study, chances are you have some important questions. Join us at an upcoming event and get personalised advice.

29 September 2017

Why you shouldn’t hate group assignments

Group assignments get a pretty bad rap – but there are good reasons why they exist. Here’s how to rethink your approach to group projects and ace your next assignment. 

28 September 2017

5 areas of study that prepare you for startup success

While there’s ongoing debate as to whether entrepreneurship can be taught in the classroom (or even at all), one thing can’t be disputed: fine-tuning certain skills can help you become a more successful entrepreneur.
22 September 2017

5 tips to study effectively for your exams

Student-backed advice on preparing for exams, from tips on utilising your time to eating well, read our top tips to help you get ready for your exams.
22 September 2017

How to choose between a liberal or professional degree

Have you had your career path mapped out since childhood, or are you convinced that your dream job doesn’t exist yet? We’ve got the tools you need to future-proof your learning.
20 September 2017

10 surprising things you can study alongside your degree

We’ve reimagined the way we teach, expanding the parameters of ‘the classroom’. You can feed your curiosity with over 100 new courses in our new Open Learning Environment (OLE).

13 September 2017

Why all of your UAC preferences matter

Learn how UAC preferences work and how to make them work for you. Read these tips to help you make the most of your uni preferences.
11 September 2017

Double degrees and double majors: are they worth it?

Double degree versus double major or combined degree – what do they actually mean and why choose them over a single major? Here's our advice to help you decide for yourself.