10 surprising things you can study alongside your degree

Turbocharge your degree with an OLE

We’ve reimagined the way we teach, expanding the parameters of ‘the classroom’. You can feed your curiosity with over 100 new courses in our new Open Learning Environment (OLE).

The Open Learning Environment (OLE) is a sprawling suite of online subjects that offer you the opportunity to build novel skill combinations and boost your personal and professional development.

“These OLEs reflect both the enormous and unique breadth of disciplinary expertise at our University and the 21st century skills that our students will need for careers and leaderships roles in Australia, our region and the world," says Professor Adam Bridgeman, Director of Educational Innovation at the University.

All students will have free access to online components of the OLE. These short, standalone units don’t count towards credit, but are added to your transcript if you complete them successfully. Students in liberal studies degrees and some specialist degrees will also undertake for-credit components as part of their courses.

For a taste, here are 10 interesting topics and vital skills you can learn through the OLE:

1. Social media expertise

Regardless of your discipline, employers often assume that anyone under 25 is an expert in all things social media. Live up to the hype and hone your skills in the ‘Writing for the digital world’ OLE. Or, take the ‘Digital influence through social media’ OLE and discover how social media can help you to communicate in pretty much any industry.

2. Knowledge of global cultures (and food!)

Whether you’re planning a globetrotting career, or just want to be a more informed citizen of the world, these courses specialise in building cultural competency. Experience China, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Japan, Aboriginal Sydney, the French-speaking world, the Spanish-speaking world or the Arab world. There’s even an OLE about European food!

3. Coding

Channel your inner Karlie Kloss and learn how to code. With courses on coding literacy and web skeletons and skins, you’ll uncover basic web structure and formatting.

4. Job applications

‘Professionalism in the workplace’ will get you career-ready by teaching you how to write persuasive resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and grant applications. Plus, you’ll learn tips and tricks to help you succeed in job interviews.

5. Project management

If you’ve ever struggled to wrangle team members for a group assignment, ‘Managing your project’ is the OLE for you. You’ll receive practical advice on how to manage workflow, encourage team participation and deal with stakeholders. Essential skills for life beyond university. 

6. Design thinking

Problem solving demands new ways of thinking creatively. The ‘Understanding creativity’ OLE will guide you through the creative process, giving you skills and tools to design, construct, compose or produce creative outcomes with real world impact.

7. Business entrepreneurship

Are you the next Elon Musk? Armed with a theoretical perspective on business entrepreneurship, you’ll learn how to develop a viable prototype and business model.  

8. Music notation

A lesson in music for non-musicians. Whether you’re a game designer or film student, an understanding of music notation will give you a competitive edge in your career.

9. Ethics

Develop new ways of addressing contemporary global debates, with OLEs exploring migration and the nation, (im)politeness in global society and the world of business. You'll develop critical thinking skills and learn how to apply ethical frameworks to tackle these contentious issues.

10. Fact-checking

Equip yourself with the skills to confirm or debunk some of the dubious claims made online. You’ll be able to spot fake news a mile off with the Library’s research OLEs. 

Last updated: 15 January 2020

20 September 2017

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