Subscriptions for University of Sydney students

Stay up-to-date with news from Australia and around the world
The University holds subscriptions to different news and data services. A large number of subscriptions can also be accessed through the University of Sydney Library.

The Australian and The Daily Telegraph digital campus subscription

Students and staff at the University can stay up-to-date with the latest updates and broad coverage of local stories as well issues affecting Australia and the world.

Get unrestricted digital access to The Daily Telegraph and The Australian and metro publications including the Courier-MailHerald Sun, The Advertiser and NT News.

  • Access content that is relevant to your fields of study with in-depth coverage on arts, business, economics, higher education, law, science, sport, technology and more.
  • Editorial newsletters via email for updates throughout the day.
  • Digital print edition for an online replica of the day’s newspaper.
  • Custom curated monthly newsletter for University of Sydney subscribers from The Australian.

Please note before subscribing:

  • Subscribers will be redirected to the News Corp Australia’s page to sign up for the first time.
  • Only valid USYD email addresses will be accepted. For information on securing your password, please visit University’s cyber security page.
  • The University and News Corp Australia will collect and store your full name and a record of your agreement to these terms and conditions for our internal auditing purposes and/or protect, enforce or defend legal rights of the University.

Register with your University email

Terms and conditions for users:

  • The digital campus subscription offer is only available to staff and students (in accordance with eligibility criteria) and sign-up is required using a University of Sydney email address.
  • Each user will receive unrestricted digital access to The Australian and News Corp Australia’s Metropolitan mastheads and Regional mastheads.
  • Subscriptions are valid for up to 52 weeks and at the end of this period subscriptions will be automatically renewed if the University renews.
  • University of Sydney or News Corp Australia may cancel any digital subscription at any time if the subscriber is in breach of terms and conditions or links the subscription to an email address other than an approved University email address to activate the subscription.
  • News Corp Australia may notify the University of Sydney when a subscription is activated and may disclose users’ personal information such as name and email address. News Corp Australia’s privacy policy.
  • Limit of one digital subscription per person;
    •  no payment is required;
    • subscriptions are not transferable
    •  not to be used in conjunction with any other offer;
    • subscription is for digital content only.

Subscribers will be required to agree to terms & conditions and privacy policy to activate their subscription which are available on the registration page.

Subscription terms and conditions can also be located on The Daily Telegraph and The Australian websites. 

Times Higher Education institutional subscription

University staff and students are entitled to a digital subscription for Times Higher Education (THE) valid until 24 September 2026. The digital subscription gives you access to:

  • news and analysis
  • daily global insights and intelligence
  • subscriber-only rankings insights
  • bespoke analysis and insights from summit speakers
  • regular newsletter updates
  • weekly digital editions of THE magazine.

Activate your subscription:

  1. visit
  2. create a THE account by clicking on the ‘Register’ button at the top of the screen
  3. when creating your online account you must use your University email address ie so it is associated with the University’s subscription.

Access digital editions of THE magazine:

  1. visit
  2. click on the ‘Professional’ header on the homepage and then select ‘Digital Editions’
  3. then select the issue you would like to view.

To find out more, read the subscription terms and conditions and familiarise yourself with THE’s privacy policy.